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Step 1.

IGP:Digital Publisher Portals are created on request. They are are available to authors, publishers and publisher service providers anywhere.

Email us with your information. You can request an on-line demonstration, or ask any other questions about IGP:Digital Publisher before signing up. Payment is not automatic. IGP:Digital Publisher Portals is a personal service and the preferred payment period is negotiable.

Join the publishers around the world who are taking advantage of the power of IGP:Digital Publisher, the most productive and effective digital content strategy available today.

Step 2.

After receiving confirmation that your portal has been created, you will be given your payment instructions. Our preference is Paypal. Please do not make any payment without Portal creation confirmation.

We like to give users time to get comfortable with the power and options available in IGP:Digital Publisher before full commitment to the solution.

 You must be an approved IGP:Digital Publisher Portals user before finalizing commerce.  Your purchase means you agree with the Terms of Service.

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