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Subscription and Services Portals

 There are two IGP:Digital Publisher Portal plans available for publishers.

Subscription Portals

Subscription Portals are available in three monthly rental configurations based on the number of books and users you need to access your content. There are three options: Personal, Team and Group Portals.

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IGP:Digital Publisher
Subscription Portal

pricing and options

Operating your own IGP:Digital Publisher Portal brings the following benefits:

  1. You get your own secure IGP:Digital Publisher Portal account which you control.
  2. Use your portal to create print-ready PDFs, e-Books, fixed-layout books, static-sites and more.
  3. Digital content production costs are significantly lowered.
  4. Your content is future-proofed. Digitize once, use forever with the amazing IGP:FoundationXHTML.

All Subscription portals come with up to five hours of free online support per month.

Production Services Portals

If you are a publisher that needs around 20 books or more digitized in a year, you can have your digitization work carried out on your own personal IGP:Digital Publisher Portal for one year just the cost of the digitization. The Portal rental is free.

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