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IGP:Digital Publisher Portals


As a registered IGP:Digital Publisher user, you have access to the IGP:Digital Publisher support team at all times. There you can report any issues of any type. Normally these are answered in 24 hours or interactively on agreed social media channels.

If you have a Subscription Portal you get three (3) hours per month of complimentary incident support, not counting production labour.

You can send in your support requests by email but you will have complimentary Skype access to a support Production Editor from 9AM to 9PM India Standard Time.

Training & Learning Resources

Custom Training

You can request custom online training sessions. Custom training sessions must be booked well in advance. Work with your support Production Editor. If a training requirement is more complex price and schedule will be negotiated.

Online Documentation

IGP:Digital Publisher is well documented and all documents are available online at the LEARN@IGP website. It is however a large horizontal product with a lot of modules so is intimidating at first so start at the Quickstart page.

Online Tutorials and Techniques

More advanced uses of IGP:Digital Publisher are documented in tutorial form on the APEX@IGP website. There are two main areas that will be of interest:

APEX@IGP Digital Content Production

APEX@IGP Digital Content Formats

You may also like to familiarize yourself with the IGP:FoundationXHTML documentation available here:



Support Services

Our professional support service team is available to help you with a range of services to help you through the tricky stuff, to meet a deadline, or for any other reason.

Most of our services are available by the hour at highly competitive rates.

Manuscript styling. Your word processor file can be styled to import directly into IGP:Digital Publisher and arrive substantially and comprehensively XML tagged. (Please note: we do not provide editorial services, this is strictly presentation and structure styling for import into IGP:Digital Publisher).
XML Tagging. If you have more detailed tagging to apply to your content or complex layouts that have to be done, our team has the experience.
Typography and Tracking finishing. The quality of your finished book in in the line, page and section turns. When your file is edited and ready for the final finishing touches, out team can connect remotely and give your content the finishing polish.
Custom template creation. If you have a specific template you would like designed our experienced technical team is ready to assist you. Just provide a sample and we will give a cost estimate.20.00

Format customization.