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Production Services Portals

Who is it for?

If you are a publishers who is currently paying to have your books converted into ePub, Mobi, Kindle or other formats by a service company, and you are just receiving formats with no future value, you should immediately move to an IGP:Digital Publisher Production Services Portal.

If you have not yet started a digital production program, this is the option for you.

If you are a publisher that produces around 20 books plus per year, you can have your digitization work carried out and made available on your own personal IGP:Digital Publisher Portal for one year, for just the cost of the digital production services.

The Portal rental is free.

The program can be repeated in subsequent years by mutual agreement.

Getting started

There is no on-line sign-up. Please contact us directly and we will immediately get started.

Contact us to start a real and affordable
digital content business strategy using an

IGP:Digital Publisher
Production Services Portal

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We will send you our highly competitive production price list, plus our production terms and guidelines. We can also arrange an online demonstration.

We look forward to working with you.

How it works

You sign up for a Production Services Portal. There is no paperwork, it is done in accordance with the Portal terms of usage. 

You send the books you need digitized - digital files or hardcopies are OK. We send you a quote for the services work on a book by book basis. There are no pricing surprises.

You can also send your new book manuscripts, PDFs or other files for front-list production.

Our production teams will digitize your books on your private publisher IGP:Digital Publisher Portal for just the cost of production. The Portal rental is free.

Your team can watch the production work going on in real-time. When any book is finished your support manager will contact you. You can now directly generate all the available formats directly from IGP:Digital Publisher yourself, or have the formats delivered.

Your team can also be using the Portal for learning, training or to directly carry out real production work.

We invoice you on completion of each book. You pay within 30 days.

The benefits

The Production Services Portal plan puts world-class production technology in your hands. That means you have a future ready digital content strategy, a dynamic support team, your content ready to go to market, and the time and experience to develop your digital content strategy.

Having your production work carried out by Infogrid Pacific and having that content available on an IGP:Digital Publisher Portal brings the following benefits:

  1. Your content is future-proofed. Digitize once, use forever.
  2. You can use the system for front-list e-book production and slash costs.
  3. You can instantly generate multiple e-book formats, make websites and much more.
  4. You have access to the power-tools used by large publishers as you prepare for a digital content future, while addressing the requirements of today.
  5. Work-day support team is always available to assist you to manage your content, generate formats and plan new digital content business strategies.
  6. Your content always remains your own and can be downloaded at any time. You have eliminated the digitization outsourcing dead-end.

For more information and benefits for your business, read the Announcement Blog Post here ▶