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05 August 2014

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The July 2014 release of AZARDI:Content Fulfilment now enables comprehensive subscriptions. This has been designed with a strong focus on the delivery of term/semester/course education and learning content.

The July 2014 release of AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF Version 3.0.0) enables comprehensive subscription delivery of ePub2 and ePub3 books directly to AZARDI reading systems on all desktop and mobile platforms.

The subscription features have been designed with a strong focus on the delivery of term/semester/course education and learning content, but it also empowers library-like lending modes.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment has been deployed with publishers in China, South Africa, the Philippines, the UK and India. It is now delivering K-12 content to 10's of thousands of students in publisher branded ePub2/3 reading systems. ACF empowers the delivery of ePub3 interactive education content around the world in all languages and locales with a focus on the challenges of developing countries.

EPub2 and ePub3 subscription content is delivered securely and directly from AZARDI:Content Fulfilment to the student's AZARDI Reading Systems.

A publisher can have subscription content delivered and available where-ever it is needed:

  • Online in any XHTML5 feature complete compatible browser
  • To all desktops using AZARDI Desktop for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • To Android phones and tablets (4.2 and above) from 5 inches to 12 inches
  • To Apple tablets

All AZARDI Reading Systems monitor the subscription rights agreement between the seller and the buyer (distributor and user) and graciously removes a book on the completion of the subscription. AZARDI reading systems protects publisher content by delivering secure obfuscated content. There is no third party DRM required, removing another cost component from the content delivery model.

Subscription purchase options allow multiple devices to be authorized with a single subscription registration. That means your subscription lesson content can be on the home workstation where the parents can see it, on a mobile take-to-school platform and even on a shared school computer lab workstation.

The only AZARDI:Content Fulfilment format that cannot be delivered under the subscription model model is a watermarked ePub. A watermarked ePub is purchased and downloaded to the users device, and has no enforceable expiration date.

The Subscription Options: Date and Period

You can sell Books as different types of subscriptions. There are two types of subscription options available.

  • Calender Period Subscription
  • Duration Based Subscription

Calender Period Subscription

This option lets a publisher set the time period (Start Date and End Date) for a product subscription. This option is typically used for courses/term based markets where there are fixed and controlled start and end dates. The content can be downloaded before the start date, but not accessed until the start date. The book is removed when the end-date has passed.

Duration Based Subscription

This option allows you to set the subscription duration (in days) from the date of purchase. This can be from seven days to any number of days. You can create multiple subscription options.

This duration period subscription calculates the subscription end date from the purchase date. On completion of the agreed subscription duration the book will expire and be graciously removed from the users AZARDI reading platforms.

The ACF APIs let you insert the sale and subscription of books directly into your website, or you can run an independent bookstore.

Books subscriptions don't have to be purchased through a website. To address bandwidth constraints AZARDI:Content Fulfilment has the ability to locally load books from a server and wireless network in a learning institution or school to address the start of term book load-up.

AZARDI -Both Ends and the Middle

The lack of features and feature consistency across commercial ePub3 reading systems is a show-stopping problem for the delivery of any education digital content that has interactivity, with block and page fixed layout content. Commercial systems are especially weak in fixed layout as there is no support for fixed-layout spine properties; none of them address fixed layout screen aspect ratio challenges.

AZARDI was designed to address this reading system lock-in (or lock-out depending on your point of view). All AZARDI reading systems deliver the same, hyper-interactive and consistent experience from 5 inch tablets to high resolution desktop monitors and projectors, on all major operating systems.

Another publisher problem addressed by AZARDI Content Fulfilment is the cost of delivery. ACF does not buy into the publishers revenue. It is sold or leased as a technology soluton with no "bite-of-the-book". This makes it easy for education publishers to have bulk distribution deals with schools, colleges and institutions without having to address a reseller 30% margin cut.


Posted by Richard Pipe



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