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Digital Content Publishing Solutions

For Trade, Academic, Education, Institution and Enterprise Publishers

Create and deliver all publishing formats: Print, eBooks, Online, Database

Welcome to one of the world's premier digital content publishing solutions companies – Infogrid Pacific. Pte. Ltd.  We have been delivering software solutions and services for all types of publishers  for over two decades.

Our software solutions include tools for production, secure sale of eBooks through online bookstores, secure distribution of digital files to retailers and aggregators,  secure delivery of dynamic online digital library content and comprehensive Enterprise Content Management and archiving solutions.

Our services include designing and digitizing books and documents of all kinds and comprehensive customization and digital content reuse strategies.

Content Production with IGP Digital Publisher for multi-format production CONTENT PRODUCTION IGP:Digital Publisher

IGP:Digital Publisher is the world's most powerful multi-format, scalable, digital content production solution for publishers of trade, academic, education and enterprise books and documents.

All your content is available in one place to empower yo.ur team to create all formats for delivery everywhere, in every language, now and into the future.

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Content Production with IGP:Digital Publisher for multi-format production BOOK CONTENT DELIVERY AZARDI:Content Fulfilment

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment works with AZARDI Readers and lets you sell and deliver your content online and directly to your customers under your control.

Publishers: you can do business directly with your content consumers using the most powerful, branded, direct to user digital content delivery solution available.

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IGP Digital Library delivers book content online for academic, education and enterprise content. ONLINE CONTENT DELIVERY IGP:Digital Library

IGP:Digital Library is a powerful content pubishing delivery system for academic and enterprise content.

Controlled delivery of valuable content for research, learning, training and other content that needs to be loaned not sold on an individual, group or course model.

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IGP Distribution Manager lets publishers deliver digital books to retail and aggregation channels around the world. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION IGP:Distribution Manager

IGP:Distribution Manager lets you directly distribute your books to e-retail and aggregation channels around the world. No incremental costs, no additional fees. It is very effective for small publisher collaboration groups.

Remove the pain and invisible costs involved with shipping books to multiple channels and control your retail distribution business.

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 IGP:ECMS Solutions

IGP:Enterprise Content Management Solutions (IGP:ECMS) is three powerful solutions working together to deliver trustworthy digital archives that can be customized for any purpose.

IGP:ECMS is used for National Archives, Film Archives, Parliamentary records, University records and much more. It is a proven trustworthy digital archive... More ▶


Customizable user interface so you can access your Enterprise archive, records and working content the way you need to in your operation.


International standard OAIS compliant digital archive. Conforming to all international trustworthy digital archive standards.

IGP:Info Architect

Create and maintain your metadata vocabularies including: Thesauruses, Taxonomies and Authority Files.