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IGP:Digital Publisher

IGP:Digital Publisher is the world's only multi-format, scalable, digital content production environment for trade, academic, education and new media interactive content.

It brings immediately productive, creative and business benefits to publishers of all sizes. All your content available in one place to create your formats for delivery everywhere.

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IGP:Distribution Manager

IGP:Distribution Manager lets you directly distribute your books to e-retail and aggregation channels around the world. No incremental costs, no additional fees. It is particularly effective for small publisher collaboration groups.

Remove the pain and invisible costs involved with shipping books to multiple channels and control your retail distribution business.

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AZARDI Content Fulfilment

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment works with AZARDI Readers and lets you sell and deliver your content online and directly to your customers under your control.

Take advantage of your content value and do business directly with your consumers with the most powerful direct to user digital content delivery solution available.

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AZARDI Readers

Read Online, all Desktops and Tablets

AZARDI ePub2/3 readers give your customers the same amazing reading experience on the Desktop, on tablets and Online in all major browsers.

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Digital Publisher Portals

From just $99 per month

IGP:Digital Publisher has the tools, power and flexibility to change the way you produce your digital content. Lower costs, speed-up production, increase quality

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