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  1. What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.0 21 October 2016 Publishers, IGP:Digital Publisher, IGP:FoundationXHTML, IGP:Document Designer, Digital Production, Production, Book Design Another big W3C event is over.
  2. IGP:Document Designer Steps Up for 2017 13 September 2016 Publishers, IGP:Digital Publisher, IGP:FoundationXHTML, IGP:Document Designer, Digital Production, Production, Book Design IGP:Document Designer gets major new features and changes book  template production.
  3. What's new in IGP:Digital Publisher 5.11? 16 June 2016 Publishers, IGP:Digital Publisher, IGP:FoundationXHTML, Digital Production, Production, Multi-formats, PDF, ePub3, Static Sites. IGP:Digital Publisher 5.11 is released with exciting new features.
  4. How to Create Multi-language Digital Learning Books and Resources 9 June 2016 Publishers, multi-language ebooks, multi-language online content,  education publishers, developing countries Creating multiple-language textbooks is easy with IGP:Digital Publisher.
  5. The IGP Digital Library Is Open 2 May 2016 Publishers, online ebooks, online content, static sites, digital library, academic publishers, education publishers, University publishers, publishers The demonstration Infogrid Pacific Digital Library is live, online and growing.
  6. AZARDI:Content Fulfilment - Live Demonstration 15 April 2016 Publishers, online books, epub3, epub2, The AZARDI:Content fulfilment demonstration is live online now
  7. How to Author and Publish 100,000+ Reports in a Year with a Team of 800 9 June 2016 Production, Reports, Digital Content, Institution, Documents This is a part of the "Non-Book" Case Studies digital publishing articles.
  8. Indexes in eBooks Are Very Much Alive 15 March 2016 Publishing, marketing, catalogs, publishing business IGP:Digital Publisher creates amazing interactive indexes for digital books and AZARDI lets users interact with them using horizontal Index navigation.
  9. Publisher Marketing Catalog Production 14 March 2016 Publishing, marketing, catalogs, publishing business One of the most important tools for publishers with relatively large front and backlist portfolios is their marketing catalogs. Here is how to create them with classic digital publishing techniques.
  10. Academic Content. New Directions in 2016? 07 March 2016 Production, Static Sites, Academic publishing, print on demand A strong strategy shift has appeared on the table in our discussions with small and medium academic and university publishers.
  11. Multi-language Production 25 Feb 2016 Production, ePub3, Digital Content, Multi-language Multi-language digital content production with languages by paragraph is now a real thing.
  12. Rocking SVG with Newton's Cradle 27 Jan 2016 AZARDI, Education, Newtons Cradle, SVG, CSS animation, Physics This interactive Newton's Cradle was created using SVG, CSS Animation and the AIE-Event engine.
  13. Multi-language e-Books 20 Jan 2016 AZARDI, education, multi-language, aural textbooks, translation, ethno-linguistic minority Our experience with multi-language textbook production and delivery has been an eye-opener to the possibilities of multi-language production and format delivery across the full book production spectrum.
  14. Static Sites for Publisher content 19 Jan 2016 Publishers, online books, online content, static sites, Static Sites are in the spotlight right now and publishers need to be aware of their power and potential.
  15. Digital Content in 2016 10 Jan 2016 AZARDI, periodicals, education, static sites, catalogs, multi-language publishing 2016 is going to be an amazing year for changes and challenges with digital content; especially education content; but more especially multi-language content.
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