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15 April 2016

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The AZARDI:Content fulfilment demonstration is live online now

We have made a live demonstration of AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF) bookstore available online. This is a custom digital bookstore "Read Anywhere" selling ePub2 and ePub3 books for all platforms.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment allows publishers to sell and distribute their own books and documents securely to publisher branded ePub reading systems.

This demonstration site is primarily for academic, education and institutional publishers; and all organizations that need to get their own digital books and documents to their markets under their control. This demonstration site includes purchases and subscriptions and will be updated and changed over the next few months.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment has a powerful set of APIs that easily allows the business of presenting books for sale, registering buyers and delivering content to branded AZARDI Reading systems on all platforms. Not only can a publisher have their own bookstore on their site, they can make them available on multiple sites.

It's Your Business

The license fee for AZARDI:Content Fulfilment is the only cost. There are no incremental per user, upload or download fees. IGP provides digital content solutions for publishers without trying to nickel and dime their business models.

ACF is installed on your servers and is designed for installation on cloud services such as AWS. IGP can also provide cost effective Sys Admin and operational support if required.

It's Not Just eRetail

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment is perfect for the delivery of books to standard e-Retail bookstores but supports a wide range of alternative business models. The primary models are:

  • Sell standard e-book purchases. Standard e-Retailer model.
  • Sell e-book collections. Allows multiple books to be offered as a single product purchase.     
  • Sell magazine subscriptions. ACF has the ability to maintain and audit long-term subscription payments. 
  • Book subscriptions. (Date range, or period). Subscriptions can be set for fixed calendar periods, or for a period from the purchase date.

The most important new digital content distribution business model for education and academic publishers is the institutional access model.

  • Institution collection subscriptions. Sell and distribute content to research, course or semester users.

This last business model has proven very powerful for the distribution of education and training material. Content can be date bound to match a semester or course dates, or it can be period based. This business model also allows bulk user uploads and registrations by institutions (good for education) and IP controlled address for controlled access for users specific institution groups(great for academic research content).

This ACF model has been used by Oxford University Press ELT division since 2011 for distribution of learning content around the world controlled by institution IP access; and by publishers specifically addressing multi-language developing country education requirements and accessibility with those content models.

Secure Content Delivery

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment provides publishers with secure private channel or bookstore distribution of books. It works as a secure closed content delivery system exclusively with AZARDI Reading Systems.

The AZARDI reading systems are designed to be white labelled by a publisher to promote their brand to their markets. The reading systems are available for:

  • All desktop operating systems (Linux Mac, Windows)
  • All major mobile devices (Android, Apple iOS)
  • Online AZARDI Reader (All major HTML5 standards compatible desktop and mobile browsers )

In addition there is the option to deliver non-DRM watermarked ePubs if that is an appropriate business model.

AZARDI reading systems significantly expands on the HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript feature support arbtrarily locked out in the somewhat backward looking IDPF ePub3 specification and draft ePub3.1 specification where the focus is primarily on on trade publisher content and standard eRetailer distribution.


AZARDI:Content Fulfilment is a complete solution that empowers any publisher to distribute their digital content in ePub2 or ePub3 format securely, to their branded reading systems and sales channels, with complete business control.

ACF is designed to be particularly effective for the distribution of highly interactive and multi-language education content. This is because the AZARDI reading systems for all platforms have the same interactive content feature support. This overcomes the challenge of addressing the incredibly different ePub reading system feature support diaspora.

If a publisher wants to sell digital books online as a bookstore or distribute books in bulk to institutions, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment is the go to solution.

Posted by Richard Pipe

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