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  1. What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.14 1 August 2018 Publishers are constantly wanting upgrades and new features to attack their particular productivity and quality challenge
  2. World Theatre Day 27 March 2018 It's World Theatre Day and time to show the world some digital production drama. IGP:FoundationXHML has comprehensive tagging patterns for Drama (of course) to produce both print and digital books.
  3. It's World Poetry Day 21 March 2018 Of course every day is poetry day for romantics. However those of us working in the digital content production trenches need a "special day"... and to be ordered to focus on poetry!
  4. From Words to Tags The Development of IGP:FoundationXHTML (FX) A short poem celebrating the team that created the best content tagging semantics in the Universe!
  5. International Women's Day 8 March 2018 International Women's Day is here. We publish a new EPUB Women in History as a small contribution.
  6. Questions & Answers are powerful teaching tools 1 February 2018 IGP:Digital Publisher and the powerful AZARDI Interactive Engine are proven production solutions for the creation of powerful Question & Answer learning tools in multiple delivery packages: Print, E-Books, Websites and more from one master XHTML format. Digitize Once, Use Forever.
  7. From Manuscript to Format Outputs with IGP:Digital Publisher 20 January 2018 IGP:Digital Publisher is very powerful in file format uploads allowing the importing of word-processor manuscripts, various XML types including Docbook XML files and HTML files.
  8. IGP:Digital Publisher for Self-Publishers 25 November 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher is a proven production solution for the production of multiple book formats: Print, E-Books and more from one master XHTML format. Digitize Once, Use Forever.
  9. IGP:Digital Publisher. Always moving forwards 22 November 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher is a proven solution for the production of multiple book formats: Print, E-Books and more from one master XHTML format. Digitize Once, Use Forever.
  10. Drop-Cap Fun 3. New CSS Toys 17 November 2017 Drop-caps are coming to a browser near you sometime in the next year. Hang on.
  11. Drop-Cap Fun 2 12 November 2017 Examples of drop caps with text aligned to the letter. Going crazy with a 20 line transformed drop cap.
  12. Drop-Cap Fun 1 12 November 2017 Drop-caps are an old traditional book design component. Are they relevant for digital books in 2017?
  13. Learn Handcrafted SVG in 2017 1 November 2017 Learn handcrafted SVG and take advantage of it's interactive power for education and training.
  14. The Amazing Electronic Sales Kit (ESK) 29 September 2017 ESK allows publishers to sell to booksellers and book retailers in their markets better and without the administrative overheads.
  15. eIndexer. Documentation Update 18 September 2017 IGP:eIndexer is a new and better way to create indexes for print and digital formats.
  16. How to get a Digital Publishing strategy in 60 seconds. See the Light. 17 August 2017 Looking back while looking forward at interactive CSS animations.
  17. Apache Performance Tuning CentOS / Redhat 14 August 2017 How to optimize Apache to ensure speed, reliability and maximize the  performance.
  18. What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.8 & 7.9 9 August 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher pushes forwards with inspirational new 2017 features and of course bug-fixes.
  19. PTP: Interactive Handwriting for the World 07 August 2017 Handwriting instruction for every language on Earth. the Phonetic Training Program shows how and addresses this imbalance.
  20. Anatomy of Publishing Presentation Templates 16 July 2017 IGP:FoundationXHTML and Templates are the IGP:Digital Publisher secret to multiple format generation from one source.
  21. What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.7 3 July 2017 Publishers are constantly wanting upgrades and new features to attack their particular productivity and quality challenges.u
  22. What are the big changes with EPUB 3.1 and what do they mean? 15 June 2017 A few comments and observations on the new EPUB 3.1 specification released by the IDPF in February 2017.
  23. Learn the Basic Structure of EPUB 3.1 18 June 2017 EPub 3.1 is not structurally different from ePub 3.0.1 or ePub 3. Let's take a quick look at a few details.
  24. We ask: Is ePub 3.1 an actual Specification? 16 June 2017 Evaluating the importance and impact of the  new EPUB 3.1 specification.
  25. Learn How to Digitize Textbooks and Create Better Education Content 30 May 2017 The challenge with textbook digitization is that education publishing is an incredibly wide field of content covering a wide range of age groups, book types and subjects. We address the challenge with our production guide.
  26. Powerful Backup Strategies for Publisher Digital Content 22 May 2017 When working in a digital environment, backing up your valuable content is as important as creating it in the first place. We discuss our strategies to ensure valuable publisher content is always safe and ready for business.
  27. How To Get Custom XML to Print & eBook Formats Easily 15 May 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher can directly convert custom XML books into IGP:FoundationXHTML and have them instantly ready for Print and e-Book format generation.
  28. Static Sites for Publisher Content 29 April 2017 Static Sites are in the spotlight right now and publishers need to be aware of their power and potential for digital content business.
  29. Typography Automation 2 26 April 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher has the most exciting new feature ever released in digital production. Typography Automation. We continue the Automation adventure.
  30. Tutorial: Replication with Postgres 9.1 on CentOS-6 / Redhat-6 17 April 2017 How to optimize PostgreSQL to ensure speed, reliability and that the reading performance is optimized.
  31. Adding a SCORM 1.2 Packager to IGP:Digital Publisher 14 April 2017 The requirement emerged for creation and transmission of highly interactive test packages as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) for use in a number of Moodle Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  32. Typography Automation 14 April 2017 IGP:Digital Publisher has the most exciting new feature ever released in digital production. Typography Automation.
  33. What's New in IGP:Distribution Manager 3 06 April 2017 IGP:Distribution Manager 3 is now released. With all the features of IGP:Distribution Manager 2 and much more.
  34. What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.0 21 October 2016 This update  includes two interesting major features and tools plus a few standard updates and general bug fixes.
  35. IGP:Document Designer Steps Up for 2017 13 September 2016 IGP:Document Designer gets major new features and changes book  template production.
  36. What's new in IGP:Digital Publisher 5.11? 16 June 2016 IGP:Digital Publisher 5.11 is released with exciting new features.
  37. How to Create Multi-language Digital Learning Books and Resources 9 June 2016 Creating multiple-language textbooks is easy with IGP:Digital Publisher.
  38. The IGP Digital Library Is Open 2 May 2016 The demonstration Infogrid Pacific Digital Library is live, online and growing.
  39. AZARDI:Content Fulfilment - Live Demonstration 15 April 2016 The AZARDI:Content fulfilment demonstration is live online now
  40. How to Author and Publish 100,000+ Reports in a Year with a Team of 800 9 June 2016 This is a part of the "Non-Book" Case Studies digital publishing articles.
  41. Indexes in eBooks Are Very Much Alive 15 March 2016 IGP:Digital Publisher creates amazing interactive indexes for digital books and AZARDI lets users interact with them using horizontal Index navigation.
  42. Publisher Marketing Catalog Production 14 March 2016 One of the most important tools for publishers with relatively large front and backlist portfolios is their marketing catalogs. Here is how to create them with classic digital publishing techniques.
  43. Academic Content. New Directions in 2016? 07 March 2016 A strong strategy shift has appeared on the table in our discussions with small and medium academic and university publishers.
  44. Multi-language Production 25 Feb 2016 Multi-language digital content production with languages by paragraph is now a real thing.
  45. Rocking SVG with Newton's Cradle 27 Jan 2016 This interactive Newton's Cradle was created using SVG, CSS Animation and the AIE-Event engine.
  46. Multi-language e-Books 20 Jan 2016 Our experience with multi-language textbook production and delivery has been an eye-opener to the possibilities of multi-language production and format delivery across the full book production spectrum.
  47. Digital Content in 2017 10 Jan 2016 2016 is going to be an amazing year for changes and challenges with digital content; especially education content; but more especially multi-language content.
  48. Is This the World's First EPUB 3.1? 15 June 2017 Siddhartha shows us how again. How to create your first EPUB 3.1 books with confidence.
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