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18 September 2017

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IGP:eIndexer is a new and better way to create indexes for print and digital formats.

IGP:eIndexer online documentation was a little "terse" and new IGP:Digital Publisher users were finding it difficult to understand. This has now been updated from one intense page to three pages to make it easier to navigate.

  1. Introduction to eIndexer and setting up a document to "get Indexing".
  2. The usual tools explanation of all the buttons and clickable things.
  3. Cheatsheet on how to create amazing Indexes quicky and easily. Arguably this is the go to page.

Indexing is of course the darkest of all the publishing black arts. There are those who say eIndexer makes it even darker, but it only appears so looking from the outside. When you step into eIndexing the light of digital content production is shining brightly!

The job of IGP:eIndexer is to release index terms from their print page number prison so they can be used with formats that don't have page numbers. That means online content and e-Books of any type. This can be important in the emerging academic publishing space of "digital first, print as an option".

EIndexer also has the advantage of being able to use the same Index information for print books of different sizes. Your standard index may be for a Octavo or A5 print size, but you can also instantly produce a full and correctly page numbered index for a large print edition in A4 or letter size. Page number creation is fully automatic based on the layout.


IGP:Digital Publisher users can now access  the new documentation to make it more straight-forward to conqueor IGP:eIndexer methods and techniques.

All the options were designed by Indexers and optimized over time to focus indexing engagement with the content while increasing productivity and throughput.  It is designed to make the job of indexing straight-forward and intuitive.

Let us know if you would like a demonstration of eIndexer to help you produce digital content that is future ready for any and all format production.

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Posted by Richard Pipe

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