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4 December 2015

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Eternal Ganges has just launched their monthly Journal, Value Creation as a periodical subscription eMagazine service.

Eternal Ganges has just launched their monthly Journal, Value Creation as a periodical subscription eMagazine service. This uses ePub3s delivered with AZARDI:Content Fulfilment and white-labelled AZARDI readers for all platforms.

Eternal Ganges is a specialist vertical publisher in India and publishes the works of Daisaku Ikeda for the Indian market. They have over 200 books and monthly magazines and journals.

Aimed at transforming lives, the books and periodicals deal with common concerns like health, relationships, children, family and the dilemmas facing youth. These publications bring together ideas and perspectives of world leaders and luminaries from the fields of music, art, literature and more, towards the common goal of peace and happiness for all.

Driven by the desire to make reading of the highest calibre available to as many as possible, Eternal Ganges’ publications combine quality and affordability so that none are excluded from the pleasure of reading. And now their books and magazines are available on all digital platforms everywhere in the EG Reader. Here is the video announcement.

Eternal Ganges introduces eVC - YouTube

We would like to commend Infogrid for timely implementation, quality of engagement and solution based approach. What has really stood out is their very clear understanding of our functional needs and the translation of these into solution based features. We are very happy working with Infogrid Pacfic and look forward to doing more projects with them as we grow in our needs.

Bhanu Sundra
Chairman & Managing Director”

The Challenges of e-Periodicals

The concept of ePub3 e-Magazines and Journals being available for sale, for off-line reading as periodical subscriptions, is new. A number of business model challenges had to be addressed.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment has a number of subscription models for books and book collections designed for publishers of educational books. The book subscription models needed a significant redesign of the subscription engines to address the specific challenge of multi-issue delivery across a subscription period.

Not only do the e-Magazines have to be delivered to thousands of users when ready, but the system also has to track the debit/credit value of each issue delivery to ensure book-keeping is accurate.

This introduces a number of other business management issues such as:

  • Can a subscription be cancelled?
  • Is there a refund or credit policy?
  • Can bonus issues be given?
  • Can the digital version be linked with a print subscription?

Our experience is that when we think we have all the answers, publishers inevitably come up with new and innovative business models. There is no doubt that digital content delivery is a publishing business game changer. The power and flexibity of AZARDI:Content Fulfilment empowers us to address these requirements.

The Subscription Features

We made the periodical subscription system as flexible and easy to use as possible. From the publishers perspective a subscription is a product. Monthly editions can be added to that product on a scheduled basis. Once added, end-users with valid subscriptions are immediately notified about the latest edition that can be downloaded to their reading system.

The AZARDI:Content Fulfilment periodical subscription model has introduced a number of new business management options:

  • Multi-periodical subscriptions for different subscription periods and prices. (IE. Subscribe one year, two years, etc.)
  • Periodicals can have any release frequency (day, week, month, etc.) including ad-hoc release, within a periodical subscription period.
  • Selling back-issues individually or as annual collections. (With digital content back-issues are available forever.)

Summing Up

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF) and the AZARDI Readers are designed for publisher brainding and white-labelling. Eternal Ganges have their own EG Readers for Window, Mac, Android and iOS. ACF is a clean publisher solution with no overheads or charges for e-Book delivery.

The full solution can be deployed by the publisher on their own server or in the cloud. It delivers online reading (on all major browsers), off-line reading on the desktop or devices and watermarked ePubs. How a publisher delivers their content to their readers is fully under their control.  

We have to say thank you to Eternal Ganges for working with us to develop this exciting new business model for digital content fulfilment to readers on all platforms. The magazines and books are all standard ePub3 packages making it easy to produce the books and make them instantly available world-wide.

Periodical subscriptions is now available in AZARDI:Content Fulfilment as a standard business model.  


Posted by: Richard Pipe

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