What's New in IGP:Digital Publisher 7.8 & 7.9

9 August 2017

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IGP:Digital Publisher pushes forwards with inspirational new 2017 features and of course bug-fixes.

We didn't post a blog on the IGP:Digital Publisher 7.8 (DP) upgrade last month so we are rolling the information on two upgrades into this post.

IGP:Digital Publisher is the ultimate digital content production solution that converts HTML5 (with highly semantic CSS properties) into any publisher book or document package or format. That includes print and other PDFs, eBooks and a lot more.

IGP:Digital Publisher directly addresses the publishing production and format generation requirements of trade, academic, education, institution and enterprise publishers.

IGP:Digital Publisher Releases 7.8 & 7.9

The trick of updating a product like IGP:Digital Publisher is adjusting processes and processors to address the change and new feature requirements while ensuring the stability and future value of content already produced and stored in IGP:Digital Publisher is preserved.

This is possible because the solution is built UP from the quality of the tagging specification defined in IGP:FoundationXHTML.

IGP:Digital Publisher is content first, technology follows. ALWAYS.

IGP:Digital Publisher 7.8

The following updates have been implemented in release 7.8 The full 7.8 release notes are available here.


Copy document Message: A confirmation message is now displayed on the interface after a copy document operation is completed. The processing behind the scenes is intensive and can take a minute or two. This gives the user confidence (Whew!) that the copy operation is complete.

Writer Notes Block Movement. The following updates have been made:

  1. On the Document Processors Interface (DPI) the label has been modified from "Move Notes to" to "Move Section Notes to". This reduces confusion on which notes are going where!
  2. If the End-notes section has a note block, then section end note movement to the document end will not work. (Can't double up the notes!) This rule is set for this feature. To make the movement work a note block will have to be deleted manually from the Notes section. This makes it the editor's responsibility to ensure notes are moved correctly. IGP:Digital Publisher works WITH the (human) editor to make sure there are no weird constructs. Effectively this is an "I couldn't do that can you check please" power feature. Could it be automated... Yes. Should it be automated... publishers currently say "Not yet". We listen and obey.

Bug Fixes: There have been a number of minor bug fixes implemented. These are all pretty subtle as usual. You can read the full list in IGP:DP 7.8.0 Bug Fixes here. This includes weird items like what to do with chapter after the 999th! Who wrote that book!

AIE:Hotspot New Interactive Feature

We have introduced a new interactive module called AIE Hotspots and it is hot... in a spotty way. This module is used for adding interactive hotspots on certain areas or headlines of the newspapers/magazines page image, or any images.

You can see this in action on the Infogrid Pacific Demo site. Click the bottom item on the left accordion then get exploring the pictures and see how the HTML text for each article is presented. 

These are now easy to produce using IGP:Digital Publisher. The AZARDI:Interactive Engine (AIE) Javascript is licensed for use for any document, book or magazine produced in IGP:Digital Publisher.

 It even works for two page spreads.

Presentation templates have been updated to include AIE Hotspots in the DPMaster template and can be used in any custom template.

IGP:Digital Publisher 7.9

The following updates have been implemented in release 7.9. The full 7.9 release notes are available here.

Writer updates

We had two requests for interface updates from (human) editors who needed things to be a bit more simple especially as they reviewed hundreds or thousands of editorial changes in long novels with short chapters.

Next/Previous Page Nav Buttons. Two new buttons   are now available after the Save button to speed up navigation to next and previous sections without having to use the Table of Contents Navigation.

Source Code highlighting: The HTML5 source code was presented as text. It now has highlighting enabled in the CKEditor Source mode to make it easier to separate the elements from the attributes and text content. It takes a second or two to load, but it is very pretty. It looks like this (this article in view source mode):

Download Project documents info

Various pubishers use IGP:Digital Publisher Projects in different ways. But what does happen over time is the number of books in a Project gets VERY large.

A new “Download” button has been introduced in the Projects Documents catalogue interface. This new feature allows an admin user to download a spreadsheet containing the document info field values for all the books in a project.

This makes it easy to review all the metadata for a large number of books quickly and easily.

IGP:DP 7.9.0 - Presentation Template updates

A number of maintenance changes have been made to presentation templates addressing various CSS updates and changes. Nothing radical here.


IGP:Digital Publisher addresses the requirements of publishers to:

"Digitize once, Use Forever".

The powerful semantics of IGP:FoundationXHTML ensures that content tagged more than a decade ago can be instantly used at any time to create standard and new formats and packages.

Digital book formats have been changing slowly in the past few years but we are now getting requests for EPUB 3.1 and WebApp packages to name just two new formats. Publishers who are smart enough to use IGP:Digital Publisher will be able to instantly generate these packages from their IGP:FoundationXHTML documents in IGP:Digital Publisher with NO processing costs.

IGP:Digital Publisher is the only platform that delivers:

  1. the lowest cost production and ownership cost
  2. highest-quality production environment
  3. trustworthy content archiving and preservation

for valuable publisher content of all types. If you want the best contact us for a full IGP:Digital Publisher licence or an IGP:Digital Publisher Portal to match your business.

Posted by Richard Pipe & Savio Barretto


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