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IGP:Digital Publisher

Digital Content Production ... complete. It's time to move beyond the desktop tools of yesterday.

 IGP:Digital Publisher is the only system that can instantly deliver multiple print editions, multiple e-book editions AND sophisticated content packages for any business requirement.

IGP:Digital Publisher (DP) is a complete digital content production and content management solution designed to address all the challenges publishers face in a fast changing digital content landscape.

DP delivers significant business advantages for small, medium and large
trade, academic, education, training, government, enterprise and business content publishers.

Creating, managing and publishing...

Trade Books

Fiction and non-fiction trade books of all types, including complex layouts. Your print book can be mono while your digital formats can support full colour.

Academic documents

Academic Includes books, journals and articles. Lists, notes, footnotes and index creation are all supported.  Publish Online to a digital library with POD as an alternate format.


For products, training and other government or corporate documentation. Student and instructor edition content can be maintained in the same master file and modified at any time.


K-12 and Tertiary textbooks for print and digital delivery. With or without interactivity. Create supporting on-line/off-line learning and testing resources and SCORM packages instantly and easily. 

Born digital content

such as interactive and rich media e-books and supporting modules, sites or portals. The same application can create your print and ePubs AND supporting promotional and resource sites.


Author, edit, review and approve template driven reports created by large online teams with geographical spread. Instantly publish the reports online web pages and/or as PDFs.


IGP:Digital Publisher is the only publisher content production system that can instantly deliver multiple print editions, multiple e-book editions AND sophisticated content packages; from one master XHTML file (using IGP:FoundationXHTML); for any business requirement.

Instant Business Benefits

Slash production costs, reduces book production complexities with a single standards controlled XHTML (FX-FoundationXHTML) master file for all formats.

Import XML, processors enable any publishing XML to be mapped to FX and used instantly for format generation forever.

Free from the desktop, all the tools for print production are built in. No requirement for any external desktop production tools.

Increase productivity, production quality and business agility. One tool does it all. Production and editors can work from anywhere in the world on the same books.

All the tools you need to instantly creates multiple formats from a single, controlled XHTML5 source file. No "optional extras". Everything is included.

Full programmatic control over content, assets and translations. It is designed to ensure valuable publisher content will be available forever.

Create all formats: Print PDF, Online PDFs, eBooks (EPUB, MOBI, Kindle, etc.), Websites and other documents or packages from one HTML/CSS source.

Be ready for a fast changing digital content future. IGP:Digital Publisher is easily extended as new business requirements emerge.

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