International Women's Day

8 March 2018

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International Women's Day is here. We publish a new EPUB Women in History as a small contribution.

It's time to remember...

International Women's Day is now in full swing. As the UN site states get inspired by women's activism from generations past and present.

Govind discovered this book "Women of History" on Gutenberg books and thought it would be a timely idea to produce it as an EPUB 3 book using IGP:Digital Publisher  and add it to our free and demo book collection as a positive and active recognition of International Women's Day 2018.

The book

The content was written mostly by men over time and that shows with a number of condescending narratives. To be fair there are a reasonable number of neutral or positive stories as well but reading some of the articles in 2018 brings on a "that's creepy" response. 

This little historical snapshot highlights the importance of Women's Day and how things have changed over the years with activism and focus; and how important it is for that to keep moving forward.

Be warned! They wrote really long paragraphs back in the day. None of those two line paragraphs (like this one) we get today.

The book has 100 relatively short articles on a timeline. The original Gutenberg book was pretty messy with the narratives clumped together on pages and a lot of decorations and image drop-caps. Of course it was riddled with the Gutenberg page number hell machine as well. We also left out the backmatter reference section as it was a bit long winded and messy. We may add that in later.

We simplified the book for quick loading, navigation and reading on all EPUB3 readers and devices. We left in the photos were they occured and put in CSS three line drop-caps just for fun (Check out our Drop-Cap articles here, here and here).


You can download the standard reflowable EPUB 3 book right here.

Download Women of History EPUB 3

Of course it is best read with AZARDI Readers...

Get your free AZARDI Desktop Reader Here.


This is a good time to remember the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the change of Article 1 wording from "All men are born free and equal" to "All human beings are born free and equal" is credited to Hansa Mehta

You can download the EPUB3 Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 26 languages EPUB3 here.

From the team at Infogrid Pacific around the world, have an awesome International Women's Day wherever you are and take time to reflect on the achievements of women without regards to national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political divisions.

Article by Govind Satpute and Richard Pipe


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