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22 November 2017

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IGP:Digital Publisher is a proven solution for the production of multiple book formats: Print, E-Books and more from one master XHTML format. Digitize Once, Use Forever.

IGP:Digital Publisher was first created in 2007 as IGP:FLIP (Front List Interactive Publishing) as the online replacement solution for the in-house desktop suite of production tools.

The decision was made to go online so the production system was a complete set of tools that could be accessed from anywhere and a content management system.

The product name was changed to IGP:Digital Publisher in 2010 and has been under continuous development since. Over that time various publishers have requested features that are oriented towards their specific content genres, output formats and production challenges.

IGP:Digital Publisher is designed as a multi-genre, multi-format production tool AND as a content management/archive tool. This is important. A production system can be both a production tool system and a permanent content archive.

It doesn't get better than the tagging

The central premise for IGP:Digital Publisher is the quality of semantic tagging applied to any content to ensure it has continuous future value. This is defined by IGP:FoundationXHTML (FX). The various tools manipulate the FX in some way or other. Other approaches such using InDesign relegate tagging as an "also run" that has to be manipulated at cost to produce digital formats.

IGP:Digital Publisher is a very large horizontal application with the tools and processors to comprehensively addressing the production requirements of all types of publishers from importing a manuscript to creating delivery packages. This includes:

  • Trade publishers for fiction and non-fiction content.
  • Academic publishers for books and Journals. There are extensive tools for handling notes, footnotes, indexes, bibliographies and other named lists.
  • Magazine publishers for periodicals including issue translation into hundreds of languages by translators located in different countries.
  • Institutional (private and government) publishers for a wide range of documents including reports, training resources, manuals and content deconstruction.
  • K12 education publishers for full curriculum material with an emphasis on workbooks and exercise books, including comprehensive interactive learning tools.
  • K12 government publishers in developing countries are using it to developing multi-ethno-linguistic aural content for societies where print has failed (New publishing Genre).
  • Tertiary education publishers for the production of textbooks and specialist online learning and teaching content.

Formats and Packages

For all of the above IGP:Digital Publisher delivers consistent tagging patterns that result in the one master content document being instant available. The same tagging patterns are applied for both back list and front list books so the content is ready for all required format and package generation at any time. This includes:

  • Multiple PDF formats (print, online, large print)
  • Multiple PDF editions from the same content with different book designs for Hardcover, paperback, mass-market editions, etc.
  • Multiple language PDF and e-book editions
  • E-book formats keeping pace with changing specifications and proprietary quirks. IE. EPUB 2, EPUB 3, EPUB 3.1, Mobi, Kindle, EPUB fixed layout
  • Online content: Static sites, transfer to dynamic sites, WebApps
  • Archival packages for OAIS type content preservation
  • System transfer packages between IGP:Digital Publisher systems
  • Cross processing to other XML Schemas for use in other online systems
  • Content extraction and reuse in other documents or even other systems

This diversity of publisher content categories and format requirements has resulted in the addition of many features to IGP:Digital Publisher that are specific for a sub-set of publishing genres. Education and institutional content in particular has driven a large number of special tools and operations which are always available for other types of publishers.

Get IGP:Digital Publisher

Because IGP:Digital Publisher is an online application it is available as a portal for smaller publishers and as a stand-alone application for larger publishers. It can also be deployed in the "Cloud" or on internal servers.

Existing XML, EPUBs or other backlist content can be imported into the system with minimal effort so your valuable content is ready now and for the future.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of IGP:Digital Publisher for a powerful Digitize Once, Use Forever publishing strategy.


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