IGP:Digital Publisher for Self-Publishers

25 November 2017

Production Services on steroids for self-publishers.

IGP:Digital Publisher is a proven production solution for the production of multiple book formats: Print, E-Books and more from one master XHTML format. Digitize Once, Use Forever.

IGP:Digital Publisher is a premier production tool for publishers. We are now making our service available to self-publishers and you are going to like what we offer.

  • Submit a manuscript. If you style it the way we recommend that is probably it.
  • We will create an IGP:Digital Publisher account and our production team will upload and produce your book in your account project.
  • The formats generated will be: Print PDF (paperback), Large Print PDF, EPUB 3, Mobi and Kindle.
  • You will be able to log in and make any editorial changes you want if you learn to use IGP:Digital Publisher. You can generate formats at any time. 
  • For a simple novel of less than 300 print pages at 6" X 9" or A5, the complete production fee is just US$75.00.
  • If you have a more complex non-fiction book pass us the manuscript and we will give you a one-time quote.
  • Your book will be archived in IGP:Digital Publisher and be available at any time in the future.

Selling Your Book

After your book is produced in every format available you can independently upload the packages to all the standard eRetailers:

Apple Books

Amazon Books


We also offer to list them on our standard AZARDI bookstore at no cost. The deal is just 15% of your retail price comes to Infogrid Pacific.

Get Publishing with Infogrid Pacific

IGP:Digital Publisher is an online application and is available as a portal for publishers and authors of any size from one book to thousands of books.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment allows the delivery of EPUB 3 books directly to AZARDI Reading systems with full security.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of IGP:Digital Publisher for a powerful Digitize Once, Use Forever publishing strategy.


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