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06 April 2017

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IGP:Distribution Manager 3 is now released. With all the features of IGP:Distribution Manager 2 and much more.

IGP:Distribution Manager 3 is now released. With all the features of IGP:Distribution Manager 2 and much more.

Today the online eBook sales talk is mostly about Amazon but other channels for eBooks and Print On Demand PDFs (especially large print) are still working around the world.

IGP:Distribution Manager 3 let's you control distribution rights around the world to match your exact business requirements.

IGP:Distribution Manager 3 Highlights

Some of the highlights of IGP:Distribution Manager 3 are as follows:

  1. ONIX 3.0.3 - IGP:Distribution Manager 3 is built around the latest version of ONIX, which is 3.0.3.
  2. Early Notification - Now distribute/redistribute your pre-publication metadata to retailers/aggregators around the world.
  3. Agency Prices - Along with your Retailer pricing, you can now manage and distribute your Agency prices.
  4. Special Prices
    1. Assign and manage Special Prices that temporarily replace the original Retailer/Agency price for reasons like promotions etc. and are duration based.
    2. The Retailer/Agency prices are "locked" to the Special price for the specified duration.
  5. Pricing Profile
    1. You can now setup your Base Currency and Other Currencies from a single user-friendly interface.
    2. For Other Currencies:
      1. Manage the conversion rates, VAT/GST/ST/AT and list of Countries in which the currency is valid.
      2. Use simple formulas to setup the auto-generation of Other Currency prices from the Base Currency.

Pricing profile lets you set the conversion rate for your products in various countries and currencies.

  1. Pricing Reports - Setup your own pricing reports that can be auto-generated and distributed via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Report Profiles let you setup reports that can be auto-generated on pre-set schedules and contain information of single/multiple Publisher titles

To know more about IGP:Distribution Manager, visit the IGP:Distribution Manager 3 product page here ►.

IGP:Distribution Manager Works for Publishers Everywhere

IGP:Distribution Manager 3 is designed for digital file distribution and addresses new and emerging complexity issues specifically related to digital e-book distribution. It allows publishers to store, manage and deliver e-books to a range of digital content (e-book) distribution channels including: online-retailers, digital wholesalers, print-on-demand vendors and search engines.

Some of the major highlights of IGP:Distribution Manager 3:

  1. Deliver e-books everywhere, instantly
  2. Metadata creation with forms, spreadsheet upload or ONIX file upload
  3. Bulk file upload for e-books and cover jackets
  4. Completeness and correction checking on major fields
  5. Output reports via Spreadsheet and ONIX reports
  6. Action reports and warning status reports
  7. Dynamic digital product pricing and rights modification
  8. Custom email notifications for all channels

Distribution Problem Solved!

  • Traditionally publishers send print editions of their books to a distribution agent for physical shipping to main street bookstores, or to a customer via courier after an online transaction.
  • Today there are multiple e-book formats that need to be delivered to multiple organizations who are in the business of selling digital formats for use in a range of proprietary digital devices. This situation is probably going to become a lot messier.
  • There is wide range of book submission systems operated by a wide range of aggregators, distributors and fulfilment agents. Publishers have to navigate through the aggregator, distributor and e-retailer labyrinths to get their e-books to the optimal set of e-book sales channels for their genres.
  • In nearly all cases, publishers are required to contact the various sites for more information on information exchange protocols and methods. In many cases this information is vague, difficult to obtain, not well documented and there are few test sandbox systems. What little submission automation there is, is generally backed up with manual checks and balances.

IGP:Distribution Manager 3 solves content distribution and sales challenges  for publishers around the world.

Posted by Gordon Drego

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