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Deliver your content to e-Retail

The solution

IGP:Distribution Manager allows publishers to store, manage and deliver e-books to a range of digital content (e-book) distribution channels including: online-retailers, digital wholesalers, print on demand vendors, and search engines.

E-book distribution consists of sending a package containing e-book files, covers, and ONIX metadata to each distribution channel you have selected to carry your digital book products.

IGP:Distribution Manager is designed for digital file distribution and addresses new and emerging complexity issues specifically related to digital e-book distribution.

It is not a complete ONIX solution for print books. It is targeted at the needs of Small and Medium Publishers and addresses the immediate need of getting digital books to as many channels as possible, as fast as possible.

...solving this problem

Traditionally publishers send print editions of their books to a distribution agent for physical shipping to main street bookstores, or to a customer via courier after an online transaction.

Now there are multiple e-book formats that need to be delivered to multiple organizations who are in the business of selling digital formats for use in a range of proprietary digital devices. This situation is probably going to become a lot messier.

There is wide range of book submission systems operated by a wide range of aggregators, distributors and fulfilment agents. Publishers have to navigate through the aggregator, distributor and e-retailer labyrinths to get their e-books to the optimal set of e-book sales channels for their genres.

In nearly all cases, publishers are required to contact the various sites for more information on information exchange protocols and methods. In many cases this information is vague, difficult to obtain, not well documented and there are few test sandbox systems. What little submission automation there is, is generally backed up with manual checks and balances.

IGP:Distribution Manager removes the confusion, cost and complexity of e-book distribution.


Distribute here

IGP:Distribution Manager allows you to distribute to the following aggregators, e-retailers and print on demand vendors. We address the world!

eBook Channels
Baker & Taylor
Book Promotions
Google Books
Kobo DRM Free
Media Vault
Wheelers Books

POD Channels
Amazon CreateSpace
Antony Rowe
Lightning Source

Metadata Channels

Main Features

  • Deliver e-books everywhere, instantly
  • Metadata creation with forms, spreadsheet upload or ONIX file upload
  • Bulk file upload for e-books and covers
  • Completeness and correction checking on major fields
  • Output Spreadsheet and ONIX reports
  • Action and warning status reports
  • Dynamic digital product pricing and rights modification
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated with IGP:PublisherECMS
  • Custom email notifications for all channels



How it works

IGP:Distribution Manager has pre-configured packagers and protocols for all major aggregators, retailers and search engines.

  • You create a distribution collection for each required distribution channel.
  • You create a master collection of your e-book files and upload your ONIX metadata, ePub, mobi (Kindle), cover images and Print on Demand (POD) covers and interiors.
  • Whenever a complete set of package components is available the system computes that a distribution event can occur.
  • You can set distribution events by channel and book to Auto, Manual or Embargo.
  • The system polls all files on an pre-set schedule (usually daily, but can be set to any granularity).
  • When files are a complete distributable package, they are assembled into the correct account package format, the ONIX metadata is updated for the specific distribution event and pricing adjusted to match the distribution channel and region rights.
  • The files are delivered to the distribution account using their protocol, and audit information written.
  • Full reports on distribution events are available.
  • Comprehensive email notifications can be sent to the aggregator/retailer and your staff


Input this...

  • IGP:Distribution Manager accepts Onix, plus formatted CSV and Spreadsheets (XLS and ODS) plus your files of course.
  • Drag and drop ePubs, Mobi files and PDFs for automatically optimized distribution events.
  • Bulk uploads to an FTP location can be automatically ingested, validated and made ready for distribution.
  • Metadata and per channel pricing updates can be made at any time. The information is automatically resent to the channels.

Many publishers possibly don't have an ONIX database system. That's OK. IGP:Distribution Manager accepts pre-formatted spreadsheets and creates the ONIX for you on the fly as you upload your content.

From an ONIX upload or Publisher spreadsheet, IGP:Distribution Manager automatically creates the full archive environment ready for any file uploads or updates.


Want to know more?

IGP:Distribution Manager User Manuals are maintained and available online. Visit this documents to understand how it works and what it can do for you.

Click on these links to learn more about setting up and using IGP:Distribution Manager.

IGP:Distribution Manager User Manual   ➤

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Large and small publishers are using IGP:Distribution Manager to distribute books to retailers and aggregators around the world.

For more information on how to get started with IGP:Distribution Manager, or if you have any questions, contact us at sales at infogridpacific dot com.

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