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12 April 2013

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We are on a short journey to remix all of Guy de Maupassant's (GDM to his friends) short stories in a number of different ways using the IGP:Digital Publisher REMIX feature announced on the 9th of April combined with the Design Profiles feature announced on 19 January 2013. The first five volumes are ready after four days of frantic work by Govind and Milan.

We are on a short Journey to remix all of Guy de Maupassant's (GDM to his friends) short stories in a number of different ways using the IGP:Digital Publisher REMIX feature announced on the 9th of April. This has been combined with the Design Profiles feature announced on 19 January 2013.

Of course before you can remix books and stories you have to actually have some books to remix! So... after four days of frantic work by Govind Satpute, from the IGP:Digital Publisher support team, and Milan Bishwakarma our Product Concept Designer (who keeps an eye on the difficult stuff), the first five volumes are ready.

Design Profiles allows us to create different edition designs of the book, while REMIX allows us to freely mix full books, or individual stories into new books. These are big features, so this exercise is a big test for those features.

And they're racing...

The first five GDM volumes (25 formats) are up and available now. That leaves eight volumes (40 formats) to go; not counting the REMIX editions. Each volume is available in five formats.

  1. A5 Print PDF
  2. A5 RGB PDF (with bookmarks)
  3. B5 Large Print PDF
  4. ePub3 Reflowable
  5. Mobi for Kindle

All of the books are produced more or less instantly from a single IGP:FoundationXHTML source in IGP:Digital Publisher. The two main print formats, Paperback and Large Print, have different Design Profiles applied.

When the 13 volumes are complete we will be using REMIX to create the Omnibus edition in all formats instantaneously, and also creating some special remix story volumes.

Get the Books/Formats

Guy de Maupassant is regarded as the originator of the short story by many. He certainly knows how to spin a gritty yarn in a few pages, and there are even a few happy endings (but not many). Even if you are not interested in the technicalities of Design Profiles and REMIX you can still enjoy the project with the greatest free high-production GDM collection available.

The full GDM Short Stories individual volume/formats collection is building up here...

APEX@IGP Digital Content Production Wing-GDM ?

The washed-out "coming soon" covers gives an idea of the size of this little test project. You can download any or all of the available formats.

A note to Guy de Maupassant fans

If anyone out there has a list of favourite GDM stories they think should go into a REMIXed special edition please let us know in the comments.

Technical Notes


The ePub3 GDM formats have ePub3 Landmarks and ePub3 Page navigation. All of these features are applied automatically when the formats are generated from IGP:Digital Publisher.

Neither of these features are supported in iBooks.

In AZARDI these features can be accessed throught the buttons on the Reading Toolbar.


  Page Numbering. At any time while reading the ePub3, the print page numbers presentation can be toggled through four states: Off, Inline Marker, Margin Marker, Horizontal Rule.

Landmarks. This contains the major navigation sections in the book. It also has the option to view the book page number navigation as a page.

Click on the Landmarks Button. Then select the Page Navigation topbar option. You will see a display of page numbers something like this screengrab. AZARDI tries to organize the page numbers into sections to give a sense of Book and Section size based on the print edition from which the page number position matching was created (in this case the Paperback A5 edition).

Using Page-break in AZARDI

In addition to the Page Navigation section view AZARDI supports user-choice viewing of the actual page-break position in the book. Click the "Show Print Page Numbers" button. Each time you click it will change the page-break presentation.

  • Show, change and hide Pagebreak markers

  • Pagebreak presented as a bar

  • Pagebreak as a in-text position marker

  • Pagebreak as a margin marker

Print PDFs

We have included a low-resolution RGB cover for art's sake in the two print PDF X1A editions which are otherwise ready to be printed. If you want to actually print these you will have to remove the cover and insert a blank page as the frontispiece page should open left.


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