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AZARDI DT  is available as a free download for general ePub2/3 viewing. It supports a large set of the ePub3 specification. It can also be used for controlled channel delivery from your website directly into the reader; effectively DRM.

It works on all modern desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. A range of advanced publisher business features is available under the easily customized interface, including indexed search, audio-text and much more.

AZARDI is available on its own dedicated site complete with sample ePub3 feature demonstrations.



AZARDI OL lets you get publish your ePub books online. It is ideal for private channel content delivery for any purpose including education, training, research or entertainment.

AZARDI OL is the worlds first Online ePub preview reader. Any ePub can be made available for online preview with instant and affordable direct and social Web marketing. It is available when used directly from AZARDI:Content Fulfilment.

Readers can engage with your valuable content using the remarkable features of AZARDI such as audio overlays, fixed layout presentation and emulator modes.


If you need to deliver your books as controlled content to browsers and mobile devices AZARDI Mobile is the solution. It has the same features as AZARDI OL and allows books and other content to be read offline in mobile tablets.

AZARDI Mobile is not an "app". It is a Web App. That means book catalogues and books can be delivered independently to Android and iPad tablets without going through control channels.

If your readers need content needs to be made available offline, and you need subscription control or dynamic document updating, AZARDI Mobile will support your business requirements. It is available with AZARDI: Content Fulfilment.

Free your content

All versions of AZARDI allow the controlled delivery of ePub3 and HTML5 content. All versions of AZARDI are licensed at no cost with AZARDI:Content Fulfilment Systems. Use them all, or just the delivery system you need.

AZARDI can present iPad fixed layout ePubs on any platform with a suitable sized viewport and the Online version has an emulator mode that lets you scale the viewport to actual size. That means when you have your expensive fixed layout ePub created for iPad, you can also deliver it everywhere with AZARDI.

No more expensive, outdated Flash preview services are required. Your ePub is uploaded. You decide the preview Sections. The preview is linked from your site, or any other site. It can be bookmarked and shared socially. The reader experiences all the advanced features of AZARDI while engaging with your books.

New business models can be developed under Rights and Agreements control (DRM). The powerful subscriptions model allows any business on any content directly from publisher to consumer.

AZARDI Features

  • Flow and fixed page layout. Under publisher control.
  • Controlled viewport size and aspect ratio. Under publisher control
  • Personalized reading. Select your preferred font, adjust font-size, line-height, margins, columns, hyphenation and text alignment.
  • Multiple day-night settings.
  • Notes. Make notes and highlights and save them.
  • Reading state memory. All reading changes are remembered by book.
  • Powerful indexed text search. Optionally allow your readers to search both metadata and the text of any books you nominate.

Each version of AZARDI has its own set of features optimized for the delivery method and target platforms.