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Production Services

Digital Content Production: Remote support: Consultancy

Standard Services

Infogrid Pacific offer premium digitization services to publishers and other organizations who have valuable content that must, or should, exist in digital form. We primarily service publishers who have licensed our software solutions. We also use our powerful tools to work with other publishers and organizations who need powerful, consistent valuable content digitization solutions

Pricing Model

We quote on a page by page basis for every book, without exception. Our experience shows this approach consistently delivers the lowest cost, while ensuring there are no pricing surprises.

Our content analysts will return the the pricing analysis for a book within one working day for standard books. Textbooks and complex trade books, catalogues or reference work will take longer and you will be notified.

Production Method

We do all production work on IGP:Digital Publisher using IGP:FoundationXHTML. This means that not only are all e-book formats generated, but the XHTML is ready for the future. You can request all the formats available from IGP:Digital Publisher.

Our quality systems minimize time wastage and rework, and our highly trained production teams have been doing high-end digitization for over a decade. After 40,000,000+ pages of valuable content, we have learned a thing or two.

Outputs and Deliverables

How We Do It

The core digital production work is done in IGP:FoundationXHTML. Sounds proprietary? Its not. It's valid XHTML5 with CSS-3 which gives you the benefits of W3 standardization enhanced by a strictly controlled vocabulary. It's processor friendly and designed to deliver the maximum reusability with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

If you need interactivity we have the AZARDI Interactive Engine (AIE) which is included in deliverable content at no license cost. AIE is an interactive powerhouse with multiple widgets, Q&A and other components.

We are experts at SVG production for education and training. That means SVG learning tools with full interactivity.


You can request a number of formats. We currently deliver:

  • ePub2, ePub3, ePub3.1 (Reflowable, Fixed layout and Interactive)
  • Mobipocket (Kindle), Mobi for Kindle Fire
  • Fixed layout for iPad and Kindle Fire
  • Online PDF, print PDF
  • Multiple PDF editions (Hardcover, paperback, mass market, large-print)
  • Web Apps (AZARDI)
  • Static Sites
  • Digital Library Sites

And a number of other special packages.

Remember ALL the above formats are available from the same XHTML in IGP:Digital Publisher with just a push of a format generation button.


Custom Projects

We specialize in complex text books and interactive learning products. We are highly price competitive with sophisticated interactive products because of the tools we use. Our experience, software platforms, technology and digitization systems will bring significant value to your project.

Consulting Services
We understand that for many the 'digital arena' is a new frontier. After working with many of the world's largest publishers, and tackling the most demanding of projects, our know-how and knowledge base is second to none.

As part of the Infogrid Pacific services, we exchange ideas and strategies to enhance your project during the production phase giving you the benefit of our expertise. We can also engage in a formal consulting role to give you formal clarity and direction with your digital content production and management strategies.


We have a standard 90 day "fix-it" warranty. We will keep your content in our Production Services Content Management System for 90 days, and fix any defects and regenerate and redeliver formats. Files are automatically deleted 90 days after first format delivery (or earlier if you request).

We do not accept punitive payment terms as we engage with our customers on a partnership basis to consistently deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible price. All production is invoiced on shipping and required changes are made under the fix-it warranty.

Content Storage

We have an extended plan for ongoing editorial revisions.  If you give us permission to maintain your content in our Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) we will provide editorial update services (errata, not new editions) while you have ongoing work-orders with us. We can also generate new formats if the requirement arises. There is no storage charge for content stored in our ECMS on an all care, no responsibility basis. All archived content is stored in two replicating storage zones using IGP:Repository 2.

STM and Code Listings

Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) as XML - we will do equations as images but they will attract medium or complex page pricing.

We do not offer MathML or LaTeX equation production services at this time but will work with MathML if supplied.

Turn Around

Our production teams are usually working at full capacity. Generally a 300 page Trade & Retail book will be available between 10-20 business days. Both complexity and current work in hand may extend delivery, so you will need to keep us notified if you have any drop-dead dates. You will be notified of the anticipated delivery date, but quality always comes first. So when there is a delay we will always let you know. For urgency – see the Small Print.

The Small Print

PLEASE NOTE: Infogrid Pacific will not process any materials where the copyright is not held by the Company requesting the service.

Urgency: Everyone has a panic now and then. We maintain the capacity for a certain amount of urgent work on a first comes, first served basis. Urgent means three days turn-around (conditional)  for an average novel style book of 300 pages. Urgent pricing applies – just multiply everything by two.

Batching: Books are different in page extent, content and complexity. We make finished work available on a book by book basis. You can retrieve them by batches if that is how you want them.

Character based costing: We never do character count based costing. Please don't ask.

This Web Page: The pricing and other information on this web page is informational only and is not a quotation or offer. Information is subject to change without notice. Please contact Infogrid Pacific Sales for confirmation of pricing.

AWS hosting services

We are aware of the need for end-to-end support for small and medium publishers. We provide complete operational and maintenance support.

IGP provides full publisher support AWS hosted packages for all of our applications and solutions.

This business model is lower in cost and superior in both quality and business flexibility than a standard SaaS type business models.

System Service Support

It is important to note that System Service Support is completely independent of software licensing and other business conditions. You have licensed your specific IGP application combination as a completely separate business transaction. We make this service available so you can capitalize on our experience with AWS to maintain, grow and innovate with your digital content business.

IGP System Service Support includes:

  1. Installation of software
  2. DNS mapping
  3. Software upgrade notification, installation and testing
  4. 24/7 realtime monitoring, incident notification and maintenance
  5. Monthly service reporting
  6. Traffic and performance analytics continuously available.

We charge Singapore$ 285 per month (Approx USD225) for this service based on a standard publisher installation. Where there is exceptional customization or an installation is very large, IGP reserves the right to vary the pricing by negotiation.

This service does not include interface or software customization which is billed separately.

Contact us

Large and small publishers are using Infogrid Pacific premium production services and IGP:Digital Publisher Production Service Portals.

For more information on how to get started with our production services or if you have any questions, contact us at sales at infogridpacific dot com.

Contact Infogrid Pacific.