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About Infogrid Pacific

Company Overview

Infogrid Pacific (IGP) specializes in the creation of software solutions for the production, management, distribution and fulfilment of high-value, unstructured digital content. Our focus is on solutions for publishers of all types.

The company headquarters is registered in Singapore with Design and Development operations in India, and regional sales offices in Auckland and London. (See Wikipedia article ➤ - opens in a new window).

IGP focused on developing best solutions for high-value publisher quality content which requires long-term content ownership and management solutions and incorporates better business strategies.

Our principal capital is our domain expertise and depth of experience. The core development team have all been working with content processing, management and distribution technologies and processes for the last 15 years. Every team member has intimate knowledge of the real problems associated with quality, productivity and project planning required to convert, create, own and manage any volume of highly valuable content.

Company Objectives

IGP was formed to provide better information and content management products, with a strong focus on the needs of emerging markets, including complex content processing and ownership in all languages.

The objectives are simple but challenging:

  • Create excellent technologies that are the best of their type and are affordable to all business sizes.
  • Build on Open Source foundations
  • Make the products easy to license and own
  • Make sure the products have the lowest possible total cost of ownership (considering their complexity)
  • Handle complex content and information ownership issues irrespective of the language or character form, and make it as easy for the end user as it can be.
  • Enable inter-organization work environments
  • Constantly innovate and change ahead of demand


  1. Founded 2004
  2. Headquarters: Singapore
  3. Development: Pune, India
  4. Sales, Marketing & Services: Auckland, London, Pune, Singapore
  5. Partners: India, UK, Germany, Philippines, New Zealand/Australia, Poland


Richard Pipe is the CEO and founder. He is the product architect/designer and is  responsible for the company business strategy.

Duming D'Souza is the General Manager of the India operation ECL and is responsible for all infrastructure and the operation of the production services division. The digital content production team comprises 120 production editors in two facilities.

Deepak Chandran is the CTO and responsible for the technical strategy. Deepak controls the software development, deployment and software support with a team of 30 developers and testers.

Joseph Yeo is the principal director in Singapore and manages accounts, corporate governance and SEA regional sales.

Andrew Crisp is a director and manages sales operations in New Zealand and Australia.