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Infogrid Pacific Publishing Solution Demonstrations

Explore our Live Demonstations

Infogrid Pacific has been creating solutions for publishers around the world for two decades. We can not only tell you what we can and have done; we can show you.

Our solutions cover the full range of publisher content types. That means:

❶ Education   ❷ Academic   ❸ Trade   ❹ Institutional & Enterprise

And we do that in any and all languages, including multiple parallel languages.

Explore our Interactive, Responsive Demonstration Centre

To assist publishers with new and unique digital content strategies Infogrid Pacific has created hundreds of applications and tools for all types of publishing. These are all licensed for unlimited use with content created in IGP:Digital Publisher.

Explore the AZARDI Learning Library, QAA, Handwriting & Sign Language teaching tools, bookstores readers and much more.

Explore the Live Content Type Demonstations

❶ Education Demonstrations

Go to our Education Solutions Demonstration Page ➤  to explore the amazing education solutions that are available as part of the IGP:Digital Publisher solutions suite.

❷ Trade Demonstrations

Trade demonstrations inlude standard fiction and non-fiction trade books and specialist verticals such as reference and other books. Explore the book delivery tools at the Trade Publishing Demonstration Page .

❸ Academic Demonstrations

University Press publishing and academic publishing in general is a fast changing area more affected by digital content than perhaps any other. Go to the Academic Publishing Solutions Demonstration Page ➤ shows how Infogrid Pacific production and delivery solutions are empowering Academic Publishers of all sizes.

❹ Institutional & Enterprise Demonstrations

Many organizations publish content. This includes Reports, Training Manuals, Business Documents and a lot more. Many of these have to be maintained and trusted over time. The Institution Publishing Demonstration Page ➤ shows how Infogrid Pacific formal publishing solutions delivers new and better content ownership.