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AZARDI:Content Fulfilment

Use these information videos to learn how to deliver your content, with your branding, to your reading audiences.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment and AZARDI EPUB Readers allow every publisher to deliver their books and documents securely to their readers, using business models optimized for your sales requirements.


AZARDI Content Fulfilment Presentation - The solution

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF) is a real, instant and affordable PUBLISHER-TO-CONSUMER book delivery business strategy.

Sell and deliver your content to your consumers everywhere.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment works with  AZARDI Online, AZARDI Desktop and AZARDI Mobile readers. The content is your standards compliant ePub2 or ePub3 books.

You can sell and deliver (digital) books to every workstation, browser and tablet in the world. No e-retailer involved. Business models are only limited by your imagination.

Download the AZARDI:Content Fulfilment PDF Brochure (931KB) and/or you can also Download the AZARDI:Content Fulfilment ePub3 document(1.3MB). (Updated on 2016-06-25).

Get AZARDI. The world's best ePub3 Desktop reader.



AZARDI Desktop and Mobile Readers

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF) includes AZARDI. This is an ePub2/3 Reader for all platforms including Desktop (Windows, MAC, Linux) and Mobile (iOS, Android).  AZARDI Reader also supports secure Online reading as well with all the latest compliants browsers on all platforms.

Publishers who need to deliver content directly to their readers can white label AZARDI readers with custom interfaces and branding.

This video demonstrates the wide range of reader enhancing features available for all platforms.

AZARDI: Content Fulfilment Purchase Model

AZARDI: Content Fulfilment  (ACF) has multiple business models. This includes sales for books and collections of books. There is also a library loan-count model as well. ACF has powerful APIs available to allow it to be directly integrated into any publisher website.

This video shows the amazing range of business options to allow publishers to drive new business models for their books.

AZARDI: Content Fulfilment Subscription Model

The AZARDI: Content Fulfilment  (ACF) subscription model allows readers to subscribe to books and collections by date or duration. Subscriptions are a powerful business tool that ensures digital content is delivered when needed and open new business opportunities for publishers.

ACF also has a full digital magazine subscription model where digital periodicals are delivered right to the reader. Watch this video to understand how the power of subscriptions create new digital content publisher business opportunities.

AZARDI: Content Fulfilment Collection Model

The AZARDI: Content Fulfilment (ACF) Collection Model is a power tool for publishers who need to distribute collections of books to audiences based on ground business requirements. Usage examples are delivery of textbooks and learning content to learning institutions (by course) and controlled delivery of content for enterprise and government organizations.

Watch this video to learn how any combination of EPUB books can be added to a collection instantly productized and sold directly from a publisher's website.

AZARDI: Content Fulfilment Library Model