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IGP:ECMS Solutions

Enterprise Content Management Solutions for everyone

The solution

 IGP:ECMS Solutions (Enterprise Content Management) have been designed to provide the asset and content management needs of organizations and businesses everywhere.

Get your content
under control

The features, pricing and licensing are all SME friendly and allow smaller organizations to implement large asset and content management strategies. The applications "work out of the box" and can be easily customized.


  • Works on installation. You can immediately plan and work with your content models. No developers or configuration needed.
  • Flexible Installation plans. Install everything or just a part of the system. All applications work together or apart.
  • Built on Open Source Technologies. You don't want your valuable content assets locked into proprietary, expensive frameworks. Content is for ever, technology is ephemeral. 
  • Metadata Driven. You can configure and change your asset and content management strategies with only metadata changes

IGP:InfoViewer 2

IGP:InfoViewer 2 is an advanced Web Application front end framework which enables sophisticated Enterprise Content Management solutions to be created quickly and easily. It is the Internet user facing interface application in the IGP:ECMS Solutions product suite. It works out of the box, and is highly customizable.

IGP:InfoViewer 2 exists to support the fact that technology interfaces and business requirements change frequently, but valuable content does not and must be always available and trusted. It enables enterprises and organizations to match their user interface with changing business demands, while the content remains trusted and stable in IGP:Repository 2.

IGP:InfoViewer 2 provides the business configuration features while the companion IGP:Repository 2 provides the content stability requirements of a truly enterprise class ECMS.

Due to the unique and rigorous information design, IGP:InfoViewer 2 goes beyond standard silo content management applications. Its rich metadata configuration contains a set of templates to create public, private and enterprise interfaces for a wide range of business operations on content.

IGP:Repository 2

IGP:Repository is designed to address the data management requirements of organizations with trustworthy content management requirements, and who want to implement a formal content management system. IGP:Repository 2 is a practical implementation of the OAIS (Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System).

It can store digital assets of any type, but is especially suitable for the storage of archival and records grade assets that have been selected for preservation. It is the foundation of a stable, trusted and effective storage system to allow the owner to implement practical deployable, extensible and affordable archiving strategies.

Long Term Storage Trustworthiness

Long-term preservation of digital information on a scale adequate for the demands of the future requires a deep infrastructure supporting a distributed system of digital archives. IGP:Repository 2 addresses and provides direct implementations of the major storage trust requirements including Digital Preservation Archives and Records Management with retention enforcement.

Policy Driven

IGP:Repository 2 does this through a formal policy driven interface that is easy to use and setup and is substantially self managing:

  • Set and control ingestion policies
  • Set and control access policies
  • Provides archive administration facilities
  • Provide high levels of content security to prevent unauthorized access and tampering
  • Enables preservation planning strategies
  • Non-proprietary content storage with migration policies
  • Optional METS packaging for "high-ground" archiving

IGP:Repository 2 creates a self-managing, distributed, scalable storage system capable of handling all future needs, including migration to future systems.

Information Architect 2

IGP:Information Architect slashes the cost and complexity of ECMS ownership by making powerful metadata tools available... and easy to use.

One of the biggest costs of owning ECM systems is the consulting and information design services to customize the application to your business requirements and make it work. Every application has a different approach, but none except IGP:ECMS Solutions exposes advanced metadata tools as a service for other applications.

Before IGP:Information Architect, powerful metadata strategies were not easy to implement because even in 2012 the “know-how” knowledge is maintained as proprietary or academic, and effective tools are not available. With IGP:Information Architect metadata best practices are acessible, available AND easy to use.

It transforms content management challenges, reduces design time, eases the challenges of change management,  and even lets you experiment with new business strategies.

Making metadata easy

IGP:Information Architect makes it easy to create and modify controlled vocabularies, while resolving control and deployment issues for the entire metadata chain; from content upload to user discovery and search interfaces... all from a single point of control.

IGP:Information Architect comes complete with a number of valuable controlled vocabularies. New vocabularies can be created, imported and shared. Best of all, this powerful Metadata Expert Application is provided at no charge with every IGP:ECMS Solutions deployment.

Controlled vocabularies

Advanced Features

IGP:Information Architect provides two major information support services to IGP:ECMS Solutions installations to make complex information design tasks easy.

Controlled Vocabularies

Create, maintain, publish and broadcast controlled vocabularies including: Thesauruses, Taxonomies and Authority Files.

All vocabularies can be create and maintained in any and multiple languages and scripts.

IGP:Information Architect published vocabularies are automatically syncronized with an application interface whenever language vocabularies are available.


IGP:Information Architect contains a special feature to allow you to easily localize Web Site interfaces as a service for your IGP:InfoViewer 2 ECMS web sites.