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Bridget Williams Books is an academic publisher specializing in New Zealand history and culture. BWB wanted to make their large collections available to libraries Universities across the country with controlled login and IP address access. They also needed to have collections searchable across all books while the content can be read on any platform or device.

All the books are digitized in IGP:Digital Publisher and published directly to AZARDI:Content Fulfilment organized by collections. The whole interface is customized and branded BWB.

The AZARDI Online Reader allows all platform reading. It also allows the user to make notes and highlights that are saved on their device as they research a specific subject.

This powerful product suite allows publishers to deliver their content exactly where it is needed in the required formats.


Note unless you are authorized by IP Address or Login you wll not be able to access a collection.


Brunei Digital Libraries

In 2006 the UBD (University of Brunei Darrasalem) needed a full online digital archive available for  published Journals, Theses and other academic documents. It needed to handle Malay, English and Arabic documents.

The site has a combination of scanned and digital documents. These were scanned by IGP staff in Brunei and the digitization was carried out remotely by IGP staff in India and then uploaded to the system. The software is IGP:ECMS Solutions using IGP:Repository and IGP:Information Architect with a custom Interface. We built custom PDF and Online reading systems because this was implemented before ePub was a thing.

After the success of this the BIDS (Brunei Information Dissemination System) project was implemented. This is a metadata searchable archive of information about Brunei judged worthy of preservation.  This also used the IGP:ECMS Digital Archive solution.

Both sites have been maintained and updated for a decade without any digital archives being lost demonstrating the value of IGP:ECMS using trustworthy digital archive standards.

Explore the public UBD Bruneiana Collection ➤

Access and explore the BIDS Digital Repository here ➤