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Trade Publishing Demonstrations

Selling Trade Books & Magazines

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment

Publishers can put their books into a fully customized and publisher branded AZARDI:Content Fulfilment application. Here you can sell your books directly to your customers without going through Amazon or Apple, or other eRetailers.

The AZARDI ePub readers are available for ALL platforms: Apple, Linux and Windows desktops PLUS Android and iOS mobile systems. A bonus is the AZARDI Online Reading system can be accessed from every platform without downloading an application.

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment supports: • Book sales, • Collection sales, • Period and Date Subscriptions (for both Books and Collections, • IP Controlled delivery • Magazine/periodical subscriptions. Yes. You can have it all!


On the demonstration site you need to register an account and download an AZARDI Reader. You can then download the reading systems and books you purchase  to your reading system.

NOTE: AZARDI:Content Fulfilment AND AZARDI Reading systems are designed for publisher branding.

Controlled Magazine Subscriptions

Eternal Ganges sell Books and magazines. They have a monthly magazine Value Creation targeting their specific readership. They have licensing restrictions and can only sell the magazine in South Asia and the Middle East.

They offer any combination of print and e-Edition subscriptions. AZARDI:Content Fulfilment delivers the business model for the publisher and the content for the subscribers.

A reader subscribes for 12 months. Each month a new edition is automatically made available in their Eternal Ganges Reader. The EG Readers are of course a white label branded AZARDI Readers for all platforms and devices and online.


NOTE: If you are not in South Asia or the Middle East you cannot subscribe to the content. Publishers have the business and rights controls they need. Content consumers get the content they want as it becomes available.