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Digital Libraries for India

For institutional digital libraries

Digital Libraries for India

Every library has the need to make digital content available for their user communities. Making the decision on how to get started with a digital repository can be a daunting challenge, especially for organizations with limited technical resources.

IGP:ECMS Solutions has been purpose designed to address the specific ownership challenges for digital content in institutions in India. It addresses the resources, experience, personnel and budget challenges.

With IGP:ECMS Solutions you can get your digital library program underway, instantly, at the lowest possible cost, and with all major risks eliminated. No matter how small or big your digital collection is — or may become — IGP:ECMS Solutions will grow with your requirements.

This amazing offer is not just about software because that is just one part of owning a sophisticated digital content management systems. It is a total solution.


The full Digital Libraries for India license is only Rs 1.5 Lakhs to qualifying institutions. This one price includes everything including full online support and product updates for the first year.

To receive ongoing product updates and support you only pay Rs 25,000 annual software assurance at the commencement of the second year.

Terms and conditions

  1. This offer is only available to bona fide Government and Institutional libraries. Corporate and other libraries are specifically excluded.
  2. Pricing excludes any additional taxes, levys or fees.
  3. This offer is only available to qualifying organizations that are registered and operate in India and its dependencies. Software purchased under this promotional offer cannot be installed and  operated outside of India.
  4. Only applies if applications are installed on Open Source (Linux) servers, with Open Source applications.
  5. This offer only applies for out-of-the-box installations. Systems that require customization do not qualify.
  6. Qualifying organizations may purchase multiple licenses for different sites under the same terms.
  7. All purchases must be fully registered licenses.
  8. Your project contacts must be registered with Infogrid Pacific (they can be changed at any time).
  9. Support services and upgrades are only available beyond the first year if annual software assurance is paid in full.
  10. Infogrid Pacific reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without notice.

The Complete Package

Complete software package. The full IGP:ECMS Solutions suite, customized for Indian Libraries, ready to install on Linux to keep your licensing costs to a minimum.

Liberal license. Any number of users, any number of content objects, any number of storage zones, any number of servers in a single installation. (Only limited by your deployed hardware configuration).

Full technical support. Email and Online Skype support are available during normal IST working days. That's 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Interactive training tutorial Pack. Access and use nearly 100 interactive tutorials that will enable you and your staff to get up to speed instantly.

Updates and Feature requests. Get frequent feature updates, and request the features you need for your library strategy.

The Digital Libraries for India package has been designed to eliminate unpredictable costs, remove implementation delays and reduce all risks involved with starting a digital library or digital archive.