Infogrid Pacific-The Science of Information


 We are an application development company which specializes in advanced solutions for information management and publisher digital content products. We create high performance, scalable web services applications with supporting desktop tools.

We are a small company using ultra-RAD development techniques to deliver products that satisfy our customers faster and better. That means we are looking for people with knowledge ambition, ability and the drive to deliver on schedule in a tight-knit team environment.

All positions are at our development offices in Viman Nagar, Pune, India.

Software Developer Positions

Infogrid Pacific does NOT use any Microsoft technologies in our products or software development. If you are an ASP, .Net type developer we have NO positions available.


Python / Django Developers

We are looking for experienced web application developers who have one to two years experience working with Python, and some experience working with Django. You will be working on the development of large scale, high performance business applications and intensive content processing modules. If you do not have Python experience, do not apply.

Experience Required: Minimum 1 years Python, prefer 1 year Django

Number of Positions: Open. We will consider any appropriately experienced developers.

Position Reference: PyDjango. Click here to email your CV for this position.

AJAX, Javascript Developers

We are looking for passionate and great Javascript programmers!

We require experienced web application template developers who have experience with advanced AJAX and interface programming. If you have worked with JQuery, Google Apps and similar environments we have positions for the right people. If you have no experience with Javascript or do not see Javascript as a significant development language, do not apply.

Experience Required: One year full time AJAX/Javascript development, or your graduation project primarily based on Web template technologies where Javascript was a significant part of the project.

Number of Positions: Open

Position Reference: AJAX. Click here to email your CV for this position.