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  2. What Real Digital Rights Management Can Deliver 17 December 2015 AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, content delivery, book sales, periodical subscriptions, ePub3, AZARDI AZARDI:Content Fulfilment provides publishers with multiple delivery methods for their books so every market can be addressed with digital content.
  3. Content Delivery Methods with AZARDI 15 December 2015 AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, subscriptions, book sales, periodical subscriptions, ePub3, AZARDI AZARDI:Content Fulfilment provides publishers with multiple delivery methods for their books so every market can be addressed with digital content.
  4. Multi-language e-Textbooks 12 December 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, production, multi-language, e-Books, epub3, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, e-textbook We are producing multi-language digital textbooks for both mixed language majorities and ethno-linguistic minorities.
  5. Digital Content Business Models with AZARDI 10 December 2015 AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, subscriptions, book sales, periodical subscriptions, ePub3, AZARDI AZARDI:Content Fulfilment provides publishers with multiple business models for their books.Sales, Subscriptions, Loans and Periodicals
  6. IGP:Digital Publisher 5.5.0 Released 8 December 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, production, PDF, ePub3 IGP:Digital Publisher 5.5.0 is released. This is the final release for 2015.
  7. Digital Periodicals Delivered 4 December 2015 AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, epub3, periodicals, magazines, subscriptions Eternal Ganges has just launched their monthly Journal, Value Creation as a periodical subscription eMagazine service.
  8. Learn Handcrafted SVG 8 October 2015 SVG, Digital Content Production, Production, Education, Interactivity If it is made well SVG can be incredibly compact. Generally that means creating and editing the SVG by hand. That means knowing something about the internals of SVG.
  9. IGP:Digital Publisher 5.2 Released 20 September 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, Digital Content Production, Production Challenges, Quality Control IGP:Digital Publisher 5.2 has been released. This is a new feature release addressing common e-book production challenges in digital publishing.
  10. ACF Now Has Periodical Subscriptions 30 July 2015 AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, Digital Content Fulfilment, ACF, ePub3, Magazines, Journals, Periodicals AZARDI Content Fulfilment now supports Periodical Subscription purchase. This is a major new feature release addressing new ways to do business with digital content.
  11. IGP:Digital Publisher 5.0 Released 19 June 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, Digital Content Production, Production Challenges, Quality Control IGP:Digital Publisher 5.0 has been released. This is a major new feature release addressing both wider and more narrow challenges in digital publishing.
  12. Delivering Digital Education Content 9 June 2015 Education, Textbooks, AZARDI, AZARDI Content Fulfilment, ePub3, developing country education, oral education Getting digital education content to teachers and students in every corner of the world is a challenge for publishers. That is why AZARDI:Content Fulfilment (ACF) and the AZARDI Readings systems had to be developed. There was no other solution available.
  13. What is a Digital Textbook in 2015? 29 March 2015 Education, Textbooks, AZARDI, AZARDI Content Fulfilment, ePub3, developing country education, oral education Current digital textbooks tend to be a simulacrum of a print book with some additional interactive tools "thrown in". Is this "good-enough"?
  14. Multi-language Interactive Textbooks 17 May 2015 Education, language, multiple languages, textbooks, digital textbooks, ePub3 Multi-language publishing of education content is a requirement in countries around the world. Multiple parallel languages in digital textbooks is now a practical and affordable reality.
  15. IGP:Digital Publisher 4.6 Released 10 March 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, Digital Content Production, Production Challenges, Quality Control IGP:Digital Publisher 4.6 has been released. The big feature improvements reflect the fast changing nature of digital content production.
  16. IGP:Digital Publisher 5.0 Released 17  June 2015 IGP:Digital Publisher, Digital Content Production, Document Revision Management IGP:Digital Publisher 5.0 has been released. The big feature improvements reflect the fast changing nature of digital content production.
  17. Deaf Sign Language Learning For the World 22 February 2015 Accessibility, deaf, sign languages, Indian Sign Language, Nepali Sign Language, ePub3, SAPPS We were recently asked to design teaching tools to allow Indian Deaf Sign Language to be widely used in rural India. Here there is no Internet bandwidth, or it is just unaffordable for the target users. This is what we are doing.
  18. Adaptive Aspect Ratio for
    Fixed Layout ePub3
    26 December 2014 ePub3, education, fixed-layout, FXL, aspect ratio. Using IGP:Digital Publisher to create Adaptive Aspect Ratio ePub3 books for education publishers around the world
  19. AZARDI 32 Gets Full Text Indexed Search Across Multiple Books 9 October 2014 AZARDI, Full Text Index Search, Search Operators, Academic, Education, Research, Reference, ePub3 AZARDI has a significant new power feature. Full text indexed search across all books loaded in AZARDI. This feature has been included primarily for exploring academic, research, corporate, training  and education content.
  20. AZARDI 30 is Released with Subscriptions 31 August 2014 AZARDI, Subscription, SMIL, Fixed Layout, ePub, ePub3 We are pleased to announce the AZARDI 30 ePub Reader has been released. AZARDI Desktop for Windows, Linux and Mac now supports subscription content.
  21. Deliver Book Subscriptions With AZARDI:Content Fulfilment 05 August 2014 AZARDI, ACF, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, Subscriptions, Education, Learning, ePub3 The July 2014 release of AZARDI:Content Fulfilment now enables comprehensive subscriptions. This has been designed with a strong focus on the delivery of term/semester/course education and learning content.
  22. Some interesting and different ePub3 Books 28 July 2014 E0, ePub3, free books, demonstration books, test books It is important to have a variety of complete books in different genres available to highlight the features and capabilities of any format. More importantly these books are essential to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current and emerging reading systems.
  23. HTML5 Is As Good As It Gets for Publisher Digital Content 07 July 2014 HTML5, XHTML, Digital Content Strategies, IGP:FoundationXHTML, IGP:Digital Publisher An entity with infinite properties such as HTML5 cannot be understood without considering all viewpoints. In publishing production that means all book and document genres...
  24. Publishers: Is Your Digital Content Safe, Bent or Dead? 2 July 2014 Production, Digital Archives, PDF, ePub, ePub3, IGP:Digital Publisher ... the "Safe, Bent or Dead" statement instantly  made me think about the various ways digital content is produced and managed and what is the value of content after production is finished.
  25. SVG Plus Javascript Plus Education
    Equals SAPPS
    23 June 2014 SVG, Javascript, Interactivity, Education, Widgets, SAPPs We have waited 15 years for SVG to become mainstream, easy to use and useful. It's here now. It's great. And it's probably going to become indispensible in education content.
  26. IGP:Digital Publisher 4.0 Released 10 June 2013 IGP:Digital Publisher, Announcement, Indexing and eIndexing IGP:Digital Publisher 4.0 has been released. There are a number of  significant new features for advanced digital content production including eIndexer and a set of integration APIs.
  27. Image Optimization for Textbooks 9 June 2014 Textbooks, E0, ePub3, Images, Digital Content Production, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production Challenges There is no one-size fits all when producing images for textbooks. Therefore a number of image optimization techniques are required. Some of them are discussed here.
  28. AZARDI 29.1 Is Released 21 May 2014 AZARDI, ePub, ePub3, E0 EBook Zero, Announcement AZARDI 29.1 has been released and can now be downloaded from the AZARDI site. It now has French  internationalization and IDPF font obfuscation.
  29. SVG and K-12 Education Content  28 March 2014 SVG, Education, K-12, Production, Interactive Content, IGP:Digital Publisher, Tutorial, Opinion We are using SVG to more easily address the requirements of multiple device aspect ratios and screen sizes while significantly reducing package sizes and bandwidth costs.
  30. IGP Blog Content Page Goes Interactive 27 March 2014 Blog, Announcement, Javascript, Interactive Content To make it easier to see what is available there is now an interactive Table of Contents filtering section on the contents page.
  31. Conquering the Education Technology Hydra 27 March 2014 Education, Production, Production Challenges, Opinion Most K-12 Education Publishers around the world are currently selling their print books while "thinking" about digital content strategies. Many want to implement digital content strategies. There are also those who just wish it would all go away!
  32. ePub3 Made More Meaningless 23 March 2014 ePub3, IDPF, Specification, Test Books, Reading Systems epubtest.org is up and working. The ePubTest site looks quite nice and I do like the way it has addressed the complexity of giving an analysis for a lot of reading systems and properties. Regretfully there is no business or market prioritization or weightage of the various features...
  33. IGP:Digital Publisher Release 3.4 17 March 2014 Announcement, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production, Indexing and eIndexing, Remix We are excited to announce the release of IGP:Digital Publisher Version 3.4. There are a number of new tools and features in this 2014-Q1 release.
  34. Digital Content Publishing Diversity 13 March 2014 Digital Publishing, IGP:Digital Publisher, AZARDI Content Fulfilment, IGP:FoundationXHTML, Digital Content Production, Digital Archives, Internationalization 2014 is shaping up as a very interesting digital content publishing year. In addition to book publishers, we are working with government, magazine/newsletter, enterprise and institution publishers ...
  35. Notes, Footnotes and Glossary Pop-ups 30 December 2013 ePub3, AZARDI, IGP:Digital Publisher, Demonstration, Announcement, Books Getting Notes, Footnotes and Glossary definitions popping up in ePub3, particularly for AZARDI.
  36. AZARDI in 2013 29 December 2013 AZARDI, E0-eBook Zero, ePub3, Education, K-12, Analysis, Announcement Although ePub3 itself has stopped in its tracks, AZARDI continues to exploit ePub3 for the delivery of highly interactive learning content. The complete release and feature history of AZARDI in 2013.
  37. The King James Bible Gets Linked 20 December 2013 IGP:Digital Publisher, ePub3, PDF, Production Challenges, Demonstration Books A client needed to be able to slice and dice the King James Bible (KJB) in many different ways; and generate multiple formats.
  38. AZARDI 26 Goes International 17 December 2013 AZARDI, I18N, Internationalization, ePub3, Announcement To celebrate the second anniversary of the AZARDI ePub3 reader we have gone International starting with 11 languages  and added epub:type pop-up notes, footnotes and glossary terms.
  39. MathML Goes Hyper-Interactive 20 November 2013 MathML, ePub3, Event, Announcement Mr. MathML, or more correctly Monsieur MathML  Frédéric Wang has got serious about moving MathML browser rendering ahead for Firefox and Webkit. The project is targeted at knowledge and education eBooks.
  40. IDPF Index Spec. Deconstructed 01 April 2013 Indexing and eIndexing, IDPF, ePub3, Specification, Analysis, Opinion The IDPF ePub3 Indexing Specification is as abstract, incomplete and pretty much useless as the CFI Specification. It should be low priority for any reading system developer or publisher. It is not a total fail, but it is significantly incomplete.
  41. Enter Stage Right. CSS Direct Design 2 November 2013 CSS, CSS Direct Design, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production, Digital Content Production, Announcement CSS Direct Design (CDD) is now available in IGP:Digital Publisher. This means the same IGP:FoundationXHTML that is used to create the Print PDF and reflowable ePub3 can be used to create highly designed fixed-layout pages.
  42. The AAP ePub3 Implementation Project 31 October 2013 Event, ePub3, AZARDI, IGP:Digital Publisher, Fonts, SVG, MathML, Audio, Video, SMIL Audio, Fixed Layout, Opinion The AAP ePub3 Implementation white paper is out. Get it here.  It is pretty much what it needs to be. A succinct list of the features desperately needed in an ePub3 reading system. It has eschewed all the arcane edge features we have critically blogged about and focuses on the important content issues and accessibility.
  43. EDUPUB Conference Coming Up 28 October 2013 IDPF, ePub3, Education, Opinion The EDUPUB Conference hosted by the IDPF is on the 29th October with some interesting items on the agenda. It's a two day conference on the important aspects of digital content in education. The agenda almost reads like the contents of this blog post over the last couple of years... except it will probably achieve nothing.
  44. Happy 2nd Birthday ePub3! 13 October 2013 E0-eBook Zero, ePub3, AZARDI, Analysis It was two years ago at Frankfurt in 2011 when ePub3 was officially released. It was heady stuff! The world of digital content publishing was about to take off!
  45. SVG Primitives for Education 11 October 2013 SVG, SVG Primitives, Education, Production, IGP:Digital Publisher, ALL-IN Content Objects Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry and just about every other subject need line-art illustrations. In the digital content context these sometimes need to become animated and interactive learning experiences. How can it be done?
  46. MathML! Seriously! 09 October 2013 MathML, HTML5, ePub3, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production Challenges, Multiple Format Production, Demonstration Books So MathML production and format packaging in IGP:Digital Publisher is done and released. We are celebrating by releasing The Theory of Heat Radiation by Max Planck in ePub3 with pure MathML
  47. EPub3, Accessibility and Pagebreaks 22 September 2013 Accessibility, ePub3, IGP:Digital Publisher, AZARDI, Production Challenges A major outcome of the recent AAP ePub3 conference was ePub pagebreaks that match the original source print-book from which a digital book was created. This is what we did.
  48. #OWPWorkflow Publishing and
    the Open Web Platform
    21 September 2013 IGP:Digital Publisher, HTML5, CSS3, Digital Content Production, Print Production. The W3C recently held a conference Publishing and the Open Web Platform. Following a conference on Twitter is probably not quite the same as being there.
  49. Recollections of Wartime 16 September 2013 ePub3,  Fixed layout, AZARDI, Demonstration Books This is a demonstration ePub3 fixed layout book with a difference. With many differences. It is a digital content archive book which shows valuable archive documents and photographs in a way not possible in print books, if your reader lets you expand images.
  50. ePub3 Test Cases Are On the Anvil 14 September 2013 ePub3, Specification, IDPF The [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] ePub3 Test Suite is getting stronger by the day. It is refreshing to see this well-defined core test suite take shape; especially after the disaster and near uselessness of the IDPF ePub3 so-called development books.
  51. AZARDI. The International ePub3 Reader 08 September 2013 AZARDI, Internationalization, ePub3, Demonstration Books An interesting little fact is that over 70% of free AZARDI Desktop downloads are from countries where the language is not English... and some ePub3 books in Spanish and Chinese.
  52. IGP:Digital Publisher. 2013-Q3 Updates 22 August 2013 IGP:Digital Publisher, Typography In the Browser, Indexing and eIndexing, SMIL Audio, Multiple Format Production, MathML, SVG, Announcement We are excited to announce a range of new features for IGP:Digital Publisher. These address client feature requests, new planned features and bug fixes. The following updates have been implemented in the 2013-Q3 IGP:Digital Publisher major release.
  53. Interactive Arithmetic for the World 21 August 2013 Education, K-12, Interactive Content, AZARDI, Widgets, ALL-IN Learning Objects This post discusses using ePub 3 (and in the near future E0) to create advanced K-12 textbooks that significantly exceed the features in the current crop of proprietary textbook reading systems used predominantly in the U.S. like Inkling, Articulate and Apple's iPublish to name a few.
  54. AZARDI 23 Released 20 August 2013 AZARDI, Announcement, Audio, Video, Textbook AZARDI 23 has been released and can now be downloaded from the AZARDI site. There are a number of significant new features.
  55. The IDPF Troll 15 August 2013 IDPF, ePub3, AZARDI, IGP:Digital Publisher, Twitter Well. I made one simple innocent tweet  with a rhetorical statement that the ePub3 Index should use ordered list and now I am a troll. Go figure!
  56. Math(ML) in Education Digital Content 11 August 2013 MathML, MathML Production, Education, Production, ePub3, E0-eBook Zero, AZARDI Publishers and authors wants math to be at least as straight-forward to produce as a print book with high-quality equation presentation. This post explain the various options to create MathML and deliver it to all platforms and devices.
  57. PTP: Interactive Handwriting for the World 10 August 2013 Education, Interactive Content, Internationalization, ALL-IN Learning Objects, AZARDI, IGP:Digital Publisher Handwriting instruction for every language on Earth. the Phonetic Training Program shows how and addresses this imbalance.
  58. July 2013 Was EPub3 Month 04 April 2013 ePub3, IDPF, XHTML5, HTML5, , Demonstration Books, Opinion July 2013 was ePub3 month. After 22 months of stalling and prevarication is something about to happen. Watch this space.
  59. E0 Test Set 1 is Ready 17 July 2013 E0 eBook Zero, Specification, Production, Reading Systems After the talk and opinions on something as exciting as a new eBook format a specification has started to emerge. To help the development effort of E0 Infogrid Pacific has implemented an E0 format infrastructure to allow real evaluation and testing of the various ideas and potential of E0
  60. Presentation Arithmetic 16 July 2013 Interactive Content, Education, Production Challenges,  ePub3, E0-ebook Zero, IGP:FoundationXHTML, IGP:Digital Publisher Most of the e-books we have seen with any sort of arithmetic use images or simple text. There is not a lot of effort to really get the sums looking really great. Here we give it a shot
  61. EPub3-A Dismal Failure 10 July 2013 ePub3, Specification, IDPF, E0-eBook Zero, Opinion This article is a high-level commentary on why ePub3 is dismal failure, and why it is both unnecessary and a failure in 2013. This article is linked with the E0 launch strategy.
  62. ALL-IN Learning Objects: What are they? 1 July 2013 Education, K-12, ALL-IN Learning Objects, Interactive Content, Javascript, Announcement This post is announcing the release of ALL-IN. AZARDI Learning Library - Interactive Now! A resource for publishers to quickly, professionally and cost-effectively turn their print resources into highly interactive digital books.
  63. Fixed Layout ePub3 to PDF 01 April 2013 ePub3, Fixed layout, PDF, Digital Content Production, Marketing, Demonstration Books The digital publishing world is all a-twitter about PDF to fixed layout ePub. We flipped the problem and created PDF from an ePub3 document HTML/CSS code. It's actually very easy with the right tools and a bit of planning.
  64. ePub3 Says-Stop Smoking 11 June 2013 ePub3, Demonstration Books, Education Adam and the Smoke - is a very effective use of ePub3 fixed layout to deliver a strong social message on the dangers of passive smoke in a compelling and informative way.
  65. Explaining What IGP Does 30 May 2013 Digital archives, Digital libraries, Digital publishing, Marketing, Digital Content Strategies, Opinion Infogrid Pacific have solutions for a number of digital content ownership challenges. In fact we have so many it is really difficult to explain to someone what we do. -We do content- is a bit of a whitewash, but has been used. We are now in the age of the Infographic.
  66. Is ePub3 Suitable for Education Content? 25 May 2013 ePub3, AZARDI, Education, K-12, Reading Systems, Demonstration Books Infogrid Pacific is a digital content solutions provider for publishers. We have a particular interest in education content in general, but in particular the problems of delivering digital education content in the developing world in multiple languages and to the widest range of platforms and devices.
  67. Poetry: Remembrance and Tagging 18 May 2013 ePub3, PDF, , Production Challenges, Demonstration Book Next year is the 100th Anniversary of the start of The Great War, call that because no-one thought anyone would be stupid enough to repeat it. It is of course now called World War One. Siegfreid Sassoon is a signficant and famous war poet from the Great War. War poet was a description he did not particularly like.
  68. Digital Education Content 0.101 01 May 2013 Education, K-12, ePub3, Interactive Content, ALL-IN, Opinion It's May Day. Around there world there are celebrations, or at least days-off. Worker's rights. Yeah! Meanwhile back on Planet Earth in 2013 the worker's rights are probably about as screwed as they have ever been since fat Victoria squashed the throne of England.
  69. Remix 2. Sampler, Selected and Omnibus Editions 26 April 2013 Digital Content Remix, Remix, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production Challenges, Demonstration Books We have been REMIXing the complete Guy du Maupassant short stories in different ways both to test the new tools in IGP:Digital Publisher and to learn how to do it using multiple formats.
  70. MOD51 Analysing PDF Typography 24 April 2013 Typography In the Browser, Typesetting, Digital Content Production, Production Challenges The question we are answering is -How do I get a complete typography specification conformance report from a PDF?- A focus in our never ending adventures in digital-content-land is to work out how many ways to slice n dice content. There is a saying that - any finite set of data has an infinite number of interpretations". Typography analysis is today's content interpretation sub-adventure on the march towards infinity.
  71. Power XHTML e-Indexing 21 April 2013 Indexing and eIndexing, Multiple Format Production, Static Sites, Digital Publishing The challenge! Indexing continuous XHTML content (tagged in IGP:FoundationXHTML of course) to create print indexes in any page-size edition and with powerful backlinked e-Indexes for digital content.
  72. A Constant State of Flux... or noise! 04 April 2013 Digital Content, ePub3, Education, Opinion There is a sadly interesting article on Publishers Weekly - In a Constant State of Flux and Frenzy: Digital Solutions in India 2013. This article sums up, in a negative way the historical approach to the off-shore production business promoting what they do while appearing to be forward looking and visionary.  
  73. AZARDI. Making an ePub3 Difference 13 April 2013 AZARDI, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, ePub3, Reading Systems, AZARDI is significantly different to other free or commercial reading systems for the primary reason it is designed from the ground up for the secure delivery of high presentation and highly interactive content, primarily for education, learning and training content.
  74. Remix1. Guy de Maupassant 12 April 2013 ePub3, PDF, Remix, Digital Content Production, Production Challenges We are on a short journey to remix all of Guy de Maupassant's (GDM to his friends) short stories in a number of different ways using the IGP:Digital Publisher REMIX feature announced on the 9th of April combined with the Design Profiles feature announced on 19 January 2013. The first five volumes are ready after four days of frantic work by Govind and Milan.
  75. Widgets for ePub3 and More 10 April 2013 ePub3, Widgets for AZARDI, Interactive Content, Textbooks, IGP:Digital Publisher, AZARDI Interactive Engine, E0-eBook Zero. The AZARDI Interactive Engine has had a significant update matched by the tools in IGP:Digital Publisher. It now has a set of default Widgets that can be used anywhere in an ePub3 reflowable or fixed layout book (digital content deliverable), in website or SCORM pages and it remains largely compatible with print book outputs from IGP:Digital Publisher.
  76. Digital Content REMIX 9 April 2013 Production, Production Challenges, Remix, Multiple Format Production, IGP:Digital Publisher IGP:Digital Publisher now has an amazingly powerful REMIX feature. A unique feature of the Digital Publisher REMIX feature is that it allows remixing of print editions and reflowable and fixed layout ePubs simultaneous. You can remix entire books, or just individual sections.
  77. Simple CSS Animation for ePub Date: 30 March, 2013 CSS, Animation, Production, Fixed Layout, ePub3 We get quite a few queries and seach keywords on our websites looking for information on creating simple CSS animations for ePub3 Fixed Layout. In this post I am sharing some simple techniques that can be used to get some simple animations working.
  78. Benjamin Button ePub3 Audio: EPUB3 WORLD 19 March 2013 epub3, SMIL Audio, Demonstration Books  Alberto Pettarin @acutebit of SMUUKS has created a full SMIL audio overlay ePub3 for free download. It's available on EPUB3 WORLD
  79. OCR Production Nightmares 17 March 2013 Digital Content Production, OCR and Proofing, Production Challenges Over on Twitter @LeeHazelwood with some comments by @TomMcCluskey were discussing the problems of OCR and eliminating irritating page headers and footers. This is a problem we have constantly faced since the beginning of digital content time. Plus a zillion other problems w.r.t. OCR. It is time to share the pain.
  80. Advanced Digital Content Ownership 9 March 2013 ePub3, PDF, Digital Content Strategies, Multiple Format Production, Publishers What is advanced digital content ownership? It is digital content that has been tagged to make it available for any current and future reuse of any kind. What does that mean? Read on...
  81. Reflowable to Fixed ePub3 8 March 2013 ePub3, Fixed Layout, IGP:FoundationXHTML, IGP:Digital Publisher, Production We now have a very interesting new combo technique/toolkit addition to IGP:Digital Publisher. The ability to create a fixed-layout close replica from reflowable digitized content.
  82. Production Service Portals Announced 25 February 2013 IGP:Digital Publisher, Production Portals, Publishers, Production, Multiple Format Production Infogrid Pacific has introduced a new IGP:Digital Publisher portals option for 2013. This new product is called Production Service Portals. Any publisher who can commit to approximately 20+ backlist or frontlist books in a year to be produced by Infogrid Pacific receives an IGP:Digital Publisher Portal at no charge for one year.
  83. Infogrid Pacific Supports ePub3 24 February 2013 ePub3, Specification, Opinion, Tutorials Infogrid Pacific is an ardent support of ePub3. Standards matter. A bit of a standard is better than no standard (Standards are like sex. Some standards are better than no standards). On a previous post Bill McCoy posted a comment asking for details of the criticisms I make of ePub3.
  84. AZARDI, Education and People 24 February 2013 AZARDI, Education, K-12, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, ePub3 Earlier this week I read an interesting article about tablets in the classroom in the latest Digital Book World newsletter. It referred to an article in the Buffalo News. This highlights just some of the problems with current reading systems, and the problems that the AZARDI:Content Fulfilment system directly addresses. In this post I discuss a few of the issues we have faced addressing the problems of controlled content delivery to hundreds of thousands of students in dozens of institutions around the world.
  85. Why  Do We Need ePub3? 17 February 2013 ePub3, Opinion, Production Q. So why do we need ePub3? This question comes up regularly on various social sites, blogs and forums. This is usually from people who see ePub2  and custom formats as doing the job, or who have had little contact with digital books.
  86. EPUB ZERO 17 February 2013 E0-eBook Zero, ePub3,specification, Production Dave Cramer (@dauwhe) has started a very interesting blog epubzero.blogspot.in. where he proposes a new and dramatically simple packaging ruleset for ePub. EPub Zero was born on 14th February 2013.
  87. AZARDI 18 Released 15 February 2013 AZARDI, ePub3, Announcement We are very excited to announce the release of AZARDI 18. It will be released on 15 February 2013. This is a significant and major release in that it enables  ePub3/2 files to be downloaded securely from a publisher or any organization controlled website into AZARDI Desktop. With this update ePub2/3 books can now be delivered to all Desktops, Android, iPad and Browsers.
  88. AVOID XML-FIRST LIKE THE PLAGUE 10 February 2013 XML, IGP:FoundationXHTML, XHTML5, ePub3, Digital Content Strategies Getting the structure of any digital content correct is core for any real digital content strategy. To start this discussion in the right tone. Publishers! Avoid XML with vehemence and violence. Implement an XHTML strategy with a controlled vocabulary.
  89. Bella the Dragon: EPUB3 WORLD 8 February 2013 ePub3, Demonstration Books  Catto Creations have provided another great ePub3 Fixed Layout demonstration, Bella the Dragon. It's available on EPUB3 WORLD
  90. Karen Strom Books: EPUB3 WORLD 6 February 2013 ePub3, Demonstration Books Karen Strom has supplied two amazing ePub3 sample and demonstration books for EPUB3 WORLD. Illusions of Reality and Sticks and Stones, an animated alphabet ebook. Both books are an inspiring and original use of ePub3 and demonstrate what can be done with digital content at the presentation and interactive levels using a relatively simple set of tools.
  91. EPUB3 WORLD 2 February 2013 ePub3, Demonstration Books, Announcement There are a number of sites with great ePub3 books linking to the AZARDI site. We thought it would be great to reciprocate with links to various sites which have downloadable ePub3s available. Announcing EPUB3 WORLD.
  92. Selling ePub by Subscriptions 28 January 2013 Announcement, AZARDI, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, ePub3, Bookstores, Subscriptions We are updating the implementation of subscriptions in AZARDI:Content Fulfilment and we were taking a pretty standard approach. We are addressing duration subscriptions for trade, academic; and most importantly securely delivered education content with either duration or course-date subscriptions.
  93. Selling ePubs on Multiple Platforms 27 January 2013 AZARDI, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, Bookstores, ePub3, Fixed Layout, Marketing How do you sell your ePub2/3 content from one source, for all platforms, devices and browsers with content security? There are many interesting dimensions to the multi-platform content delivery business problem which have not required much thinking through in the past; not least the buying (or selling) interface. AZARDI:Content Fulfilment is designed to address this new, interesting and challenging business problem.
  94. AZARDI Accessibility 24 January 2013 AZARDI, ePub3, Accessibility I was thrilled yesterday to locate the NVDA accessibility reader and to find that it works with AZARDI Desktop for Windows. The reason we put a lot of priority on SMIL features and demos was to support accessibility. the easy to configure AZARDI interface was designed with accessibility as a very important feature.
  95. ePub3: The FLO Opening Page Problem 21 January 2013 epub3, Fixed Layout, Production, Production Challenges I might be the only person to notice but the opening page position of ePub3 fixed layout books with page spreads appears to be a looming problem for all the good production folks out there. Right now it is not an issue for releasing a commercial fixed layout book with iBooks being the only commercial e-retailer of ePub3 FLO books working.
  96. DP-Design Profiles. One HTML, Multiple Book Formats 19 January 2013 Production Challenges, IGP:Digital Publisher, IGP:FoundationXHTML, PDF, ePub3, Multiple Format Production This is the first in a set of posts explaining some of the advanced features in IGP:Digital Publisher (DP). This article introduces the concept of Design Profiles to allow the easy production of multiple print and e-book editions from a single master XHTML5 source.
  97. ePub Packaging Guides 18 January 2013 ePub3, Tutorials, Digital Content Production, SMIL Audio We have a series of articles on the APEX@IGP site on producing and packaging ePub2/3, plus fixed layout ePubs. These are moderately popular (and useful) so this is a quick guide to all of the page resources with some descriptive text.
  98. IGP BLOG Move and Update 17 January 2013 Announcement We have had some blogs on Typepad for a number of years. In fact a number of blogs. However there was a lack of control of the content that I didn't like. In addition the URL wasn't contributing directly to our search results, and there was a disconnect between our products, services and blog. It was time to use our own technology.
  99. Extracting Text from PDF 16 January 2013 Digital Content Production, PDF, Production Challenges, Quality Control Text extraction from PDF to create ePubs or other digital content has long been fraught with traps. We have invested A LOT of time and money trying to work out better and more reliable ways of doing this for 15 years. We think we may have reached PDF content extraction nirvana with our latest MOD51 project, but it will take a few more months to see if we are (again) fooling ourselves.
  100. The epub:type Property 15 January 2013 ePub3, Specification, Digital Content Production When designing and developing both IGP:Digital Publisher and AZARDI we have put a lot of effort into using the presentation and behaviour semantics available with the epub:type property.
  101. Book the Sequel: Four Years Later 12 January 2013 Digital Content Production, Multiple Format Production, Event I read on the Tools of Change 2012 Workshops there is going to be an attempt to write and produce a book in three days. That reminded me of the Book the Sequel project we participated in at BEA 2009. The good old days of digital content.
  102. Antonio's Tale 5 January 2013 ePub3, Fixed Layout, Demonstration Book On our eternal quest to create better digital content tools, and better digital content, just every now and then, the plot gets lost. Antonio's Tale is just such a loss of the plot. But it was a lot of fun stringing it together. Antonio's Tale is a multi-media audio-remixing product for five year olds who like thrills and noise.
  103. AZARDI 17 Released 31 December 2012 AZARDI, ePub3, Fixed Layout, Announcement AZARDI 17 Desktop has been released. It is immediately available for download from azardi.infogridpacific.com. Installation options are available for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu/Redhat 32/64bit) and MacIntosh. Continue reading ....
  104. Fonts in ePub3 15 September 2012 ePub3, Fonts, Digital Content Production A small series of articles on using fonts in ePub3 has been published on the APEX@IGP information site. Topics covered are CSS-3 font properties, font sub-setting, using OTF font-features, plus some interesting resources and font presentation pages.  There is a font file size and browser compatability warning as well.
  105. Best Sellers and XHTML 9 June 2012 IGP:Digital Publisher, Digital Content Strategies, Production David Cramer from HBG gave a presentation at BEA 2012 in which IGP:Digital Publisher was mentioned. IGP:Digital Publisher has been used for the comprehensive production of a wide range of best sellers by HBG over the last few years; in multiple print formats and e-book deliverables. More...
  106. AZARDI Online Alpha Release 10 March 2012 AZARDI, ePub3, AZARDI:Content Fulfilment, Announcement Infogrid Pacific is pleased to announce the Alpha release of AZARDI Online. A demonstration is available at  azardi.infogridpacific.com. More...
  107. AZARDI 8.1 Released 17 January 2012 AZARDI, ePub3, Announcement An update has been released for AZARDI. This is a small feature upgrade and bugfix release. The full version is available from the AZARDI site. If you have AZARDI 7 or 8 installed this will update automatically next time you open the reader.
  108. Digital Content at APEX@IGP 4 January 2012 Tutorials, Announcement Content of technical value will now be maintained and available at apex.infogridpacific.com - APEX@IGP.
  109. AZARDI 8 Released 23 December 2011 AZARDI, Announcement AZARDI 8 is now available at azardi.infogridpacific.com. This is the first release with auto updating. Mac and Linux will silently update. For those with AZARDI 7, Windows 7 may ask for permission and show an unsigned/unknown publisher box.
  110. Digital Content in 2012 17 December 2011 IGP:Digital Publisher, IGP:FoundationXHTML, Digital Content Strategies The current fascination with Javascript and CSS, the encapsulated formats of PDF and ePub, and other distractions, blinds many to the value and need of consistent, reliable, highly controlled XHTML and the serious foundation business strategy needed for digital content ownership... regardless of content genre.
  111. ePub3. Around the World in 28 Languages 3 December 2011 AZARDI, ePub3, Internationalization, Demonstration Book Reader devices for ePub have had a strong English orientation. This has been addressed with ePub 3, but of course it needs to be easier. This test book has 28 languages from around the world including alphabet, script, logograph and all the other "too hard" languages.
  112. EPUB3 UNLEASHED Available 29 November 2011 ePub3, Fixed Layout, Interactive Content, Demonstration Book, Test Book, MathML We uploaded an informational demonstration book to the AZARDI download location today. EPUB3 UNLEASHED is a highly interactive ePub3. The book is pure HTML5, CSS3, SVG, MathML and Javascript.
  113. AZARDI 7 Released 21 November 2011 AZARDI, ePub3, Announcement AZARDI 7 was released today (21 Nov 2011). This version has a number of bug-fixes and feature updates. The ePub3 support has been improved and most significantly the AZARDI Interactive Engine has been updated and included.
  114. AZARDI 2011 15 May 2011 AZARDI, ePub3 As a short diversion from the magnificence of XHTML for publisher content series, we are just a very short time away from releasing AZARDI 2011, our new version of the digital content reader first launched in 2009.
  115. Reviewing XML Options 23 April 2011 XML, XHTML5, HTML5, IGP:FoundationXHTML I have been on a remorseless LinkedIn discussion on the values of XHTML vs. XML DTDs (again). I take the position that the big three DTDs DocBook, TEI and NLM are holes to sink money into. Most others say we see the point but we think all publishers should use DB/TEI/NLM.
  116. Surviving the Transition to Digital Publishing 9 June 2010 Digital Publishing, Production, Editorial, Marketing Phil Spinelli and I have recently been discussing the rapidly changing publishing scene with the uptake and pressures on publishers, brought about by rise of digital content. Phil consults with a number of publishers and helps them to understand the mindset changes needed to make the transition to digital, and more importantly what they have to do at a practical level to "go digital".
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